Is BB servers good?

Hello, i was wondering if BB servers are good, i want to make sure before i buy a garrys mod server from them.

I also heard they instal OA + hl2rp is that true?

Please share your experiences with BB servers


I ordered a server then shut it down because of their shitty service.
They CONFIRMED with an email that it was down, BUT THEY STILL CHARGED ME.


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as in they stole 100 dollars from my fathers credit card.

They’re pretty good. I have a server with them.

Always up, mod installer without openaura, they’re not wasting money on that.

I also provide servers, and can even setup OA and HL2RP for you.

I think over 80% of all game server hosts are willing to install a custom server if you just ask them nicely.

I once got a company to install a mod for L4D so we could play 16 players in versus and also increased the ammount of zombies in waves. We paid £5 a month and we used twice as much as normal servers would.

-snip- I found the account I believe you’re referring to as you had registered again to correct your address. It appears that person had a subscription and didn’t cancel it with us so it automatically kept paying us. We notify everyone who submits a cancellation request in the email we send and I also responded to a ticket that the subscription needs to be cancelled on your end. However the value that was paid into the account afterwards is significantly less than $100 (even less than $50) and no ticket or emails were sent asking for a refund / asking why the money was being sent.

May I ask how the service was “shitty” by the way? A reason was never provided and it was never suggested there was anything wrong in the ticket, the person even mentioned they would be coming back at a later date to order another server. Feel free though to contact me though for more information.

However on topic,

We used to install the HL2RP / OpenAura gamemodes upon request, however as a recent upgrade broke the gamemode as a whole we don’t have a working copy (if the user does, we will install that copy for them). However we do have the binary modules required for it and we also provide the mySQL database free of charge.