Is Benjy an admin on the noxious servers?

Because theres an admin named benjy and i want to know if its him/her.
i also want to tell him what a jerk he is for demoting me in sandbox JUST BECAUSE I UH made him crash.
which is funny.

The Gmod forum mod is Benji

how about you PM him to ask him yourself? By the way, if it IS him, you should tread carefully.

i guess not?

Benji: pretty sure i’m not yeah

Question answered?

Uh i guess so

lolololololololol Nice one…

I must ask - if Benji does in fact play GMOD, what exactly does he do?

Build? RP? Deathmatch? Fretta? The public needs to know what kind of representation we’re getting!

Benjy isn’t an admin. He’s a Sandbox Moderator. Him and the section moderator aren’t the same person.

If I made you crash what would you do?

Don’t make stupid threads.

if he would, you would get a warning for

“i also want to tell him what a jerk he is”

disrespect of an administrator/moderator and thats a big NO

Benjy is an asshat, banned my friend on sandbox because the contraption my friend made made him lag.

Again, he is only a Sandmod. He can’t ban people. The most he can do is strip the rights of anyone who’s causing trouble. Sandmods are very limited in their powers on NoxNet.

and chances are either you or your friend is not telling the full story and he most likely mentioned multiple times to remove the laggy contraption beforehand.

Sometimes mods get pissed and do something quick. Now a days all mods are 12 year old’s that cause trouble when the owner is not around.