Is Blender a good 3D modeling program?

Yeah, so I want to start making simple props for my maps, and I found blender for my free 3D modeling program. But before I really get into it, I just want to make sure that it’ll actually be worth it. Like is blender of good quality? Are it’s files compatible with Hammer/ is there a free, easy way to convert them so they are? And if it’s not a good choice of program, could someone please point me towards a better FREE (as I’m flat-broke) modeling program?

Blender is awesome. Yes, it does have good quality. Just check out this short film made in it:

There is a whole thread on using Blender for Source modeling:
There is an SMD exporter in the first post by Dvondrake, and at the bottom of the post he links to a modified version by me that adds VTA support.

oh thanks.