Is building hyper-glitchy for anyone else?

It seems like building placement is hyper, hyper sensitive and prone to many, many misplacements. For example, if I’m standing inside a 2x4 structure with walls and want to put a ceiling on, it’s almost impossible to place a floor up above. The blue building part will snap to the OUTSIDE of the wall; to put a ceiling on the inside, I need to run outside the structure so I can build on the opposite (interior) side.

If there’s already a matching structure adjacent (for example, building two floor panels side by side), it will usually snap into position. This doesn’t always work, though, especially with triangle pieces.

And try this on: Build a 2x4 shack of foundations and walls. Put a half block anywhere. Put a second row (second floor) of walls all around the perimeter, and notice how you can’t put a wall above the half block; it snaps halfway down as if to line up with the half block. You must demolish the half block before placing the wall. This is a big problem on stairwells.

Then there are times (usually when doing something like replacing an element that’s been destroyed or removed) when the blue part strobes in and out as you slowly move around. Placing something there will take a minute or two of experimenting with different placements, or sometimes demolishing the surrounding structure to at least a 2x2 hole and trying again.

I figured this would have been fixed in the last update, but it’s still in here, being as annoying as ever.

These building glitches have been around for the last several updates now. It makes building a royal pain in the ass at times. Triangle pieces sometimes make me want to put my fist through my monitor. And this is coming from a pretty mellow dude who doesn’t easily get frustrated.


I’ve yet to be able to make a full roof out of roof pieces since they were introduced. Best I’ve managed to do is get a couple of pieces to snap into place, I spend the next hour trying to fit the others, shoot out the couple I did manage to get, and make the entire roof out of floor pieces.

I’ve only noticed this in the last two/three patches, since they allowed the foundation steps to be placed to connect 2 foundations. It is a real pain, especially if you’re building in a busy area. I’ve just resorted to building placing temporary floors when it snaps to blocks.
The pillars are a real pain too.

It is annoying. I’ve found that pieces tend to place better when you sort of look away to the side. Except triangle pieces, they’re fucked. I’ve also managed to place walls correctly after I’ve placed the 1/2 block. This is for the one where walls keep snapping to 1/2 block instead of the wall next to it. If you get close and start slowly looking up and down there will be a sweet spot. Often times you’ll just be able to see the edge or corner of the wall turn blue.

its annoying, but nothing is as annoying as the stability not allowing to build up. for example if you build a 3x3, use pillars on every corner including in the walls, for some reason around the 5th or 6th floor, even if every building parts is around 85% stability, some of the pillars/walls will be placed at 5% stability and will crumble. its to the point that even if you put absolute attention to build the most stable thing possible, it will still ignore your pillars and decide some random walls are 5% or 10% stables. maybe its a feature, i find it incredibly annoying and unreliable.

Yeah, this too. This drives me crazy. If I look directly at it and have the red outline in the correct spot, it won’t build. Just stays read. Then I turn almost 90 degrees to the left, and suddenly it works. Absolutely crazy.