Is changing gamma cheating / banable?

It is near impossible to go out in the night and use a flashlight as you get shot via people using gamma from a distance which the flash light can not see. So many people are now using gamma, is it allowed? Is it cheating? Is it banable? Am I allowed to use it without being banned? Can someone shed some light on this ‘gamma’ for me? With as much information as possible, if it’s allowed etc. Thanks, because I’m fed up of being a guy who does not use it in my almost 500 hours of playing and being at such a disadvantage.

You won’t be ban. If you are blatant and you kill an admin you might be ban. Its shit. I never used to do it but after being killed in pitch black I had to.

It can’t be a banable thing. How would you know that my gamma is turned up? You can’t see my monitor. If someone is smart enough to raise the gamma of their screen so they can see then kudos to them. This has been going on for years now, and has been done in games like Arma and DayZ.

^ I mean things such as a VAC ban, not a ban from a individual server which admins have control of, that’s a server rule, I’m talking about an overall rule for the game, like if you hack you will be VAC banned, does the same apply to gamma or…?

Also ^GinJa, what if you change the settings of your GPU to increase gamma and not the monitor? Can be banned then?

Stevie, I am not sure if it is allowed or not. But it is an abuse for sure… You shouldn’t see in the night

But actually, there is absolutely NO way to check or proove that you have changed your gamma, so NO way to “VAC ban” you.

As someone said, an admin can ban you because he thinks that you are using gamma by evidence but it is all.

In fact it is EXACTLY the same issue with the little piece of tape that people are using in the middle of the screen to improve aim with the bow… It’s bad but can’t be seen.

I have always named it abuse, and dislike it, but when i’m constantly losing sets of kev and wasting my time to be killed at night or being forced to stay inside, it’s pointless not using it. So much of the community uses it. But I am not a hacker, and would not want to be banned for using something that is classified as the same kinda thing as hacking, just would like to know if its only ‘frowned upon’ by the server admins. or VAC banable :s

It is ‘frowned upon’ depending of the server you are, just ask the admins of your server.
There is nothing officially said by VAC so don’t worry. Again, you can’t be catched !
You are doing nothing bad as you just exploit an opportunity that the game offer in it’s “vanilla” version.

It is not an hack (no software used to modify the game or add some features), but it is an abuse because it gives you an advantage against other players.

It is just an ETHICAL question.

a simple screen config isnt a cheat … how could i explain it ?
Personnal choice of how you wanna play… how couuld it become a ban ethical question O.o

^ Okay, that’s all the information I needed about nothing being official via VAC. Thank you guys for the insight and information, I really appreciate it.

Because you have to choose between playing with or without advantage. Because choosing with is knowing that you are gonna kill players that are using a Torch !

Because choosing without is becoming the guy with the Torch !

You can change the brightness etc on your monitor using your monitor settings but I highly wouldn’t recommend using any third party programmes as yes, you may get banned for doing so.

You cannot be banned by VAC for changing your gamma. Gamma settings are defined by your monitor, not your in-game files. VAC only bans modifications/injections into Rust’s files or runtime memory.

Torch is a suicide anyway ? before the new moon i was full blind during the night … exept the horizon, and this is enough to run with out torch … dumb if you put your light on (and if you are not making a trap ^^)

If you have in game ethics and you are worried about it being wrong (which you do, if you’ve asked this question), don’t use gamma to stalk or kill people. If it’s just a matter of being able to see, maybe gather resources or survive during rad runs, use it. It’s not hurting anyone.

If you want to use gamma to use your bolt action at night, snipe, or stalk new spawns running around with torches, then that is just weak. The weakest, lamest players do this.

I play in daylight only servers because the night time is useless with gamma. It will be used whether people complain or not, and 75% of the server has gamma on, the new players (new to pc and rust in general) are the only ones running around with torches. A torch is suicide, period. Gamma or not, a torch is guaranteed death. However, gamma is as bannable as turning up your game volume to hear people coming from a distance better. It’s just a setting on your computer to help you see better.

I don’t use gamma to bolt people. If I were to use it, it would be to be able to fire at people who are using gamma to see me, so I’m not defenceless, gather resources or do rad runs, but it’s great to know it’s not banable, I hate being at a disadvantage to others using gamma at night.

“Imma get these resources while no one else can so I can craft shit and fuck the up”

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All you people saying that you use gamma to get even with other gamma people…
That’s like every single cheater ever

Love it how people say it’s simply an “excuse” to claim people use it because others do.

It’s not an excuse, it’s the truth. And i really think people should either stop crying and play the game like they want. With or without gamma.

Why wouldn’t you use it if it’s so easy. instead of fapping at your campfire at night you can actually go get resources or do something usefull.

Now i got a fair chance to fight people at night.

(not talking about assaulting people, but simply if they attack me)

I don’t do it as I am too lazy to change it back again after,

But it is wrong! Like stealing of a child, Its easy and your not gonna get punished!

If you shot me from 100m away in dead of night and I had no light source on, and I was an admin, kicked and banned. People are that blatant with it. It doesn’t rewuire intelligence, its cheating. You have an advantage over another player who doesn’t know how to or chose not to use it.

no you do not have an advantage over another player, god damn u even said it yourself “CHOOSE not to use it”. exactly its your choice notr to turn your gamma up, or not find out how to turn it up. its a simple graphics card/monitor settings.

absolutely rediculous that people are trying to call a slight gamma increase cheating, lmao wow.

So because i have a benq monitor with Black equalizer feature(google it) that BUILT IN feature is cheating to? no and just like gamma, a settings on everyones screen, is also not cheating,
Gamma increasing has been done in every online game and basically by serious gamers for a very long time, because it helps, and everyone can do it, which makes it not cheating.

step up people, either use it or dont. i will keep my gamma raised and guess what, you can to, and if not then cry elsewhere. it has been and always will be done in gaming. man threads crying about gamma by noobs really irks me haha, glhf happy rustin.