Is Coder-Launch to be trusted?

Does anyone know if this site is to be trusted?

It is, but last time I checked there were a ton of SQL and other various issues with the site.

Honestly, I wouldn’t
Coderhire has a great team behind it who are well known in the Facepunch-Gmod community and present themselves in a professional matter.

Not so much on Coder launch…

I don’t know if I can trust a site that has text coming out of the box :v:

Oh, okay thx :slight_smile:

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or sites with wird spelling?

As everyone said, coderhire has well-known people as staff members and Coder-launch is just a cheap try on making few $ on poor devs like myself.

I know alot of people here will dumb me for this, but i don’t thing the staff team of coderhire is ‘professionel’. But anyway, thanks for the respond, i’ll keep my self away from there.

Do they need to be?

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I was mainly referring to the structure of the site but anyhow

Ahh yea. I get you.

Hi person who was paid to fix the coder-launch site here.

I’m not going to lie here, I’ll tell the truth and I’ll let people form there own opinions from this. Someone who had spotted the SQLi issue with the coder-launch site contacted me and I had a look around, realized how bad the site was and figured I could contact Max to see if he would pay me to fix the site (Need/Needed Money :v:), At first he was like there are zero issues with the site and until I pointed out to him that there were issues with the site and that actually if he didn’t fix the site himself or contract someone to do so he was going to lose the contents of his database, his public trust and possibly compromise innocent people.

He paid me £50 to fix serve security issues with the site and I went around fixing some the sites codebase. It’s a complete mess, I regret offering to fix the site and if I could save my self the hassle I would of gone back and just let his database be leaked and his site be compromised.

The guy runs his own booter service (looks to possibly be taken down?), used to host a bad site which more then likely hosted Malware (link) and nearly launched DDoS attacks against the people that were attacking his site. I told him if he did so I’d stop the work I was doing and would remove him from my friends list.

The site in question was designed with zero knowledge of PHP and he told me that he used the site as a learning thing.

I’m not here to start a witch hunt or to instantly put the site down. All I’m trying to say is the kid is learning still, I know when I was younger I did really stupid things and I still do, we all make mistakes and I’m trying to stop this guy from making one as well. Its situations like this I feel the need to get involved and help educate the person before they do something really silly. He runs a bunch of services which really shouldn’t be available to the public at this state because of the bad quality but it’s a learning experience for the kid. Just my two cents on the whole thing. If you are looking to sell I’d use CoderHire but if you are looking to buy perhaps check out both sites, might be something on one that isn’t on the other.

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As I posted this, The booter site was updated with a random EXE in the directory listing. FML :frowning: I tried…

Lol this thread is getting funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah fucking hilarious.

Then did someone piss you off?

Nah, I was just being sarcastic.

html fail. I guess only on firefox

Why wouldn’t it to be trusted? I dont see any wrong, i hear call it a copy of coderhire.

It’s pretty new acctualy so dont go around and say its nothing on it.

Its not be trusted in the users wise, all banned coderhire people will go there to scam some more.

Considering I have an admin account on the site. I wouldn’t use it if I were you.

Sorry, I had to.
This thread deserves a stupid, cartoon.
Just in case, my IP is: if you want to ddos me, thanks.