is copy pasting a bad idea?

so i had one map i was making and i didnt like the way it was going other than one building i had started. so i copy pasted it into my new map, but everything is fucked up. after i render the new map, it brings up the old one. i dont get it.

When copy/pasting, you have to remove the things that will screw up your original map, like leaks.

Probably an invalid brush, or you didn’t select all of the building. With the map open, hit “Alt+P” and it checks for errors. It will show any errors if there are any, but just clicking the “fix error” button only selects the offending brush, it doesn’t fix it.

Also, post a compile log.

Make sure you don’t have ‘ignore groups’ enabled when copy/pasting - if you do, all brush entities will be lost on the child.

i think my problem was running with no vis and rad. checking now


nope. still fucked up. no errors