Is Creating Models with Propper Acceptable?

To make a long story short, Ive been wanting to start creating a few models for Garry’s Mod (specifically a boat if that matters) and doubt I will be taking any modeling skills very far. Does using propper rather than doing it the conventional way whatever that may be have any downsides?

Propper is really good for making models if you make appropriate usage of nodraw. There’s no problem with it right up until you start creating textures, which is about a billion times harder to do in hammer than just using UV maps.

Also, the collision models act weird sometimes, so you’ll want to be prepared for that. Especially on convex shapes.

Your models also might looking pretty damn blocky, so if you’re trying to make a sphere or a dildo or something, find another method.

I’d say just go learn modeling. Yes, it’s not easy, but it’ll be much more rewarding in the long-term given the more varied tool set modelling apps would have compared to Hammer.

Propper shouldnt be used to replace models, it should only be used to convert complex brushwork into a model to save performance and be more optimized.

There you go, a completely free tool that holds it’s own against the big boys.

Do you get ad revenue every time you plug blender on a website?

Anyway as people said proppers can never replace models since they’re incredibly messy, wasted faces etc, however they’re useful if you want to get it straight into the map, save brushwork and so forth.

Alright, blender will be better for what I need, It’s just another thing to learn now :suicide:

You can export geometry from hammer, open it in a modelling program, and create a new mesh based on it.

you should be carefull with that tho, the .dxf format isn’t open-able in Maya (2011+), you can open it in 3DSMax (2011+) but it is really really slow to load.
the best solution I found was open it in AutoCAD and export that to .obj or .fbx (loads and exports instantly)

but yeah, if you can do that, I’m pretty sure you know how to model. It’s good if you need proxy geometry to use as scale and/or basic shape tho.

I wish. Thing is i have been there, looking for a good modelling tool that i don’t have pay a stupid amount for. Blender fits the bill for me. Yes, it has a fairly steep learning curve, but its certainly as nice to use as something that cost a few k.

if you can get your university to join Autodesk’ academic program, you’ll be able to get their softwares for free (student license ofc)

I went to a college. It was meant to be a rough one, but there was only one arson whilst i was there…