Is darkrp a stupid gamemode? What do you think, and why?

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Stop posting meaningles flame posts! Stop troll! I think I am gonna get this thread deleted because of all of the dumasses, that keep posting non-relevant posts! Don’t post stuff like “Yeah! Delete this stupid post, you fucktart!” or anything, it will proparly get you banned… Way to many posted without a arg, that can be used! If you have no constructive critism, gtfo! I don’t wan to be mad at anyone, but someone keeps posting without reading the post.

This is for both the one that like and doesn’t like drp, and didn’t use a useable arg…

As title…

vote stupid or not stupid and comment why, or agree on others with same reason as you. This post is serius, and I don’t wan anybody to post stuff like “Stupid! Because It sucks”, or “Stupid! Because everybody who plays Dark rp is a rdming mingebag!”… Think about your answer before posting, no one wants to hang from the three, four times a day. Especialy not when the snow is red and fast as a pickle…

Yes because it’s full of RDMing mingebag 9 year olds.

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Those RDMing mingebag 9 year olds are the only people who like it too.

Turn guns off maybe? ^^

My friends aren’t rdming 2002’ers, and they like it… But I see your point… way to many kids!

Because the gamemode’s playerbase is doomed, and it is basically impossible to RP properly on a DarkRP server.
Is it a pest that has infected GMod, and the only things you see nowadays are DarkRP and OpenAura servers.

DarkRP is fun if done right. 99% of the time, it’s done completely wrong.

DarkRP is fun most of the time. I wouldn’t be maintaining it if it wasn’t.

DarkRP is a good gamemode, it’s just the communities with tons of kids ruining it.

The player-base sucks, the gamemode itself isn’t that bad.

Define fun to you.

From what I can gather, you aren’t really a serious roleplayer. I am not saying that it is entirely impossible to RP with DarkRP, but saying that it’s fun most of the time is just outright silly.
Look at all the DarkRP servers. 99% of them are utter shit, and there’s no RP going on in there at all.

Things that are wrong with DarkRP:

Hope this helps! Godbless.

People don’t understand that DarkRP is non-serious RP.

Fun is a hobo playing a harmonica
Fun is the guy who always fails to break into someone’s home
It’s fun to be a hobo throw shit at people and being chased by the cops for it
It’s a great sight to see when a guy runs down the street with a money printer in his hands chased by the cops.

OpenAura is really well made, and really immersive, I don’t see why people don’t like it.


DarkRP is RP by name, and just shit by nature.

Because it’s overused as fuck, and pretty much a TS clone. I’ll admit that it isn’t a bad gamemode, and that I’ve had some great roleplay experiences with it, but the fact that it is so overused just agh… There’s no originality anymore.

Darkrp can be fun, but the only thing you need to do to avoid kids is making in the loading_url a box saying PEGI +16.

Bad arg!

Well at least he demands his god to bless my mod. I can appreciate that gesture.

DarkRP is dumb, this thread is dumb, everyone is dumb.

Remember, that includes you!

RDM thats my reason

I remember the exploit in DarkRP that let you execute code on every client in the server. Much fun was had.

Do you really want to know why people hate DarkRP? I thought it was obvious.

[ul][li]It was made by idiots.
[/li][li]It is hosted by idiots.
[/li][li]It is played by idiots.
[/li][li]It is horribly coded.
[/li][li]It’s essentially a deathmatch with “RP” added to the name.[/ul]
DarkRP is a fine example of a gamemode that is wrong in literally every way possible. I guess in that regard the creators should be proud…