Is editing peoples' scripts and then posting them against Garry's Mod Rules?

For example, I use Zoey’s Tf2 pack to help me with references in my Tf2 swep packs. Since, However, I still have traces of Zoey’s code left, does that make it against the rules?

If so, I will remove the files accordingly. – Hence above:

I made a Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Amputator and Etc. so I believed that it was OK sense I was just using Zoey’s code to help make them. It’s probably still against the rules if it’s against the rules, but is it?

Every original creation is automatically copyrighted with a “fair use” copyright, in the UK and US. You’re allowed to use the code, but you’re not allowed to release it and claim it as your own.

So in short, you’re breaking the law. Only just, and nothing would come of it because such a case would never stand up in court, but it is illegal.

If original author allowed modifying and re-releasing, you’re on your way. If no, don’t bother trying to do that.

If you contact the creator, ask about modifying code with credit given, and they say yes, go for it.

If they say no, create your own code, and if it contains things that are similar, then it is okay.

Also, check if there is license / fair use info included.



If you did it without permission, it’s not against the rules, it’s just awfully rude. If you credit the original author, that’s a bit better, if you didn’t, that’s not fine. If the original author wants it down, you should because it’s their rightful code, but otherwise, if you get permission, it’s fine, if you don’t get permission but you credit them, it’s fine, a bit, as long as you comply with what the original author wants.

Ask the author before using the code.

No other exceptions, if they say no then don’t do it.

no its illegal under gmod script use EULA

Ask the author. Most of the time by doing that you’ll get the go-ahead of what you may do aswell.

I edit scripts all the time, that’s how I learned how to code lua scripts more, I never release any unless it’s a addon, if it’s a gamemode I don’t release them.