Is fast VVIS okay for a personal version of a map?

Well, my computer can handle the map with VVIS on Fast (I’m sure most computers can, that wasn’t mean to be bragging). With VVIS on Fast the map compiles in 4-5 minutes, with it on Normal it compiles in 2-5 hours (I compiled it at night, went to sleep when I compiled, woke up two to three hours later for a snack and it was still compiling).

If I run VVIS on Fast will there be any long term damage on the map or something? I don’t really know what there could be, but before I do it I just wanted to make sure.

No its not okay.
Read this

And post questions in the mega thread sticky.

Oh, I keep skipping over that sticky. I’ll give it a spot in my toolbar so I remember now. Thanks. ^^

And it’s not just for a personal version? For my release version I’d do normal.

If it’s just a personal map, and you don’t care much for fps, or maybe there’s no significant difference in fps, compile it the fast way…as far as i know it won’t affect lighting

What’s dps?

If you mean FPS, they don’t drop at all, I have a ton of area portals and such in the map too, so I guess it wasn’t much of a problem.

Aha i mean FPS

Fast is good for tests. Normal is for releases.

Ah, alright. So it won’t damage my map or anything on compiles?

Oh, alright. Thanks Fire, and thanks jacc0s.

Use fast for personal use. Use Normal or final for releases. Fast usually skips some skips on things.

Don’t worry, you won’t damage anything :slight_smile:

Base Portal Vis (The one that runs for Fast VVIS) should take less than 10 seconds even on a huge map with a mediocre computer. Read that link FireGod posted and build on the 8 grid (Set grid size to 8 then check map–> snap to grid for all walls and ceilings) to reduce VVIS compile time.

Alright. :slight_smile: Well I appreciate the help from both of you.

That’s not true.

But yeah fast is fine for testing.

What have you been doing then?

Disregard this crap.

Making maps that skim source’s limits. Yeah a flatgrass map will take like 10 seconds but complicated maps that use 90+% of the brushes and 99.7% waterindicies are going to take more than 10 seconds.

Aaaa u replied. Thoguht it might be a while. here:

I’m serious. I know your evocity 2 was probably one of the biggest maps ever so maybe for that it took more than 10 seconds (I am assuming you know about good mapping shit, I’m not going to pretend you’re a moron because you obviously have been doing this at least as long as me so don’t take this the wrong way) but like on my biggest map so far with most buildings, terrain, etc it only takes 4 seconds and my computer isn’t exactly Raptor Jesus – 2.67ghz dual core processor gets me a 4 second compile on it. I’ve never had compile time over 10 seconds for Base Portal Vis without Portal Flow taking 3 years or whatever so if someone’s brushwork isn’t retarded they shouldn’t be getting 4-5 minutes for Base Portal Vis.


Double post but I also have made maps that hit the 8K-something brush limit so I know a thing or two as well.

Yeah I know what you’re talking about. It all depends on complexity. The downtown area in ec2 I think was the killer. However it only took a minute and 12 seconds for fast vvis. Full took 45 hours. But I have a 1.86GHz C2D with 4GB of ram. If I were to compile this on my old pc it would have crashed. Of course I had to modify vrad to not crash too.

I have an “Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (8 CPUs),* ~2.7GHz*” (I copied it from my dxdiag so I’d have the correct name for sure.) :3

Also, my map is in HDR, so maybe that’s why it takes ages. o-o I dunno.

Well you are running a slower processor, but I think that a minute is still quite long. I use a very aggressive approach toward cutting VVIS time so maybe I’m going a bit overboard and that’s what gets me my results but most of the stuff I do is basic use of func_detail and the 8-grid. :confused:

Vrad controls HDR, along with other lighting effects.