Is FastDL still a thing? - Not Working


I want to set up FastDL, but can’t get it working.


sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload "0"
sv_allowdownload "0"

Path to example model on server:

Path to (same) example model on web:

/home/gaming/gmod/garrysmod/lua/autorun/resources.lua: (also tried in autorun/server)

Neither client or server mention a single thing about downloading anything.
Client doesn’t make any attempt at all to download a single thing.

I can access the files on my web host, see here:

Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Actually post your FastDL link; there’s no need to censor it since player’s can retrieve it when they’re joining the server. Also, move your resources.lua to lua/autorun, not lua/autorun/server.

honestly fastdl is bad in my opinion, but yeah. What codegs said.

Moving it to lua/autorun made no difference.
FastDL link is - also edited first post

FastDL is definitely still a thing. Workshop downloads suck IMO.

Do you have

exec server.cfg

in your autoexec.cfg?

I don’t believe I do. However it is called because the server name and password, etc, is set.

Try putting it in there anyways.

Made no difference.

Join your server.

In console type: sv_downloadurl to check it’s set properly.

For example:

Go to options to check your client is configured to download files:

Not sure why it told you to set sv_allowdownload/upload to 0. Don’t these only effect ServerDL and not FastDL? Either way I have sv_allowdownload set to 1.

If all else fails post your server IP (or the bluewaffle password) and we can join to test it for you.

sv_allowdownload 0 disables ServerDL completely, it’s definitely not required as sv_downloadurl overrides it.
sv_allowupload 0 is a security measurement as an exploit is known to be bound to that and not yet confirmed its been resolved.

sv_downloadurl is set, options is set also.

Servers down.

Sorry, forgot to put it in a screen session before I went. Should be up now.

Works fine.’s_Mod_2014-05-26_11-07-25.png[/T]


Are you able to spawn (and see) the things you are downloading?
Under Entities

Yep, I fixed my second screenshot which shows the files downlaoded. You can see the files & creation dates there.

Gotta go so not got time to try spawning them, but this is fairly decent proof. Nice download speeds on that FastDL as well btw.

Alright, thanks for help. I’ll have to look into why my game is not downloading anything.
EDIT: It must have corrupted or something the first time, I deleted everything in /download on client and it redownloaded when I joined and all is fine now, thanks for help once again.

Just to elaborate on this for further reading -

sv_allowdownload 0 does indeed disable ServerDL in its entirety and is still worth doing. The most recent exploits that allowed for users to read server.cfg files was done via downloading that file itself, however those with sv_allowdownload set to 0 weren’t affected by this.

sv_allowupload 0 fixes so many issues it’s stupid really. Never have it set to 1. The only downside is that you can’t use sprays, but sprays vs arbitrary uploads is a no-brainer really.