Is fpsplayers down for you guys?

I ordered a server yesterday and shortly after the website went down and has not been back up on the times I have checked. I did get an order confirmation, but I have no contact info.

Does anyone know if this is a scheduled downtime?

Everything I have checked is saying the site is down, and nothing mentioning scheduled downtime.

I was checking on them to look into ordering a server thru them. However, seeing the website has been down since I woke up at 0500, I think my best bet is to go with MPGS. The amount of server providers here is just lackluster and bland. Sad day.

I’m not sure what to think. There is no update on their twitter or anything. Maybe I should have read more reviews.

Hi Guys,

We’ve had planned scheduled maintenance listed on our site for 2 weeks and I’ve shot out 2 emails about it.

We should be up in a few hours, all part of our upgrade program.

Kind Regards
Sean M

OK cool. Thanks for the update! I must not be on the mailing list yet :smiley:

Sorry we missed you wreckington,

Nothing sinister! :quagmire:

Kind Regards
Sean M

I ordered a server 2 days ago and I’m still waiting which isn’t a problem but my problem is, the time I paid for still seems to be getting used up which means I’m losing days on that month I bought. How long is the maintenance expected to have left?

Hi Heigou,

All billing cycles are reset upon making the game server active.

Kind Regards
Sean M

Many thanks.

My server is up but the control panel is down. People can still log on. So now my server is just sitting there going crazy with errors and there isn’t anything I can do about it. Thanks for the wonderful first impressions on my new server.

Hi DJSean00 !

it is possible the website is down and for the game too ?
nothing work on my side.

Thanks in advance.