Is Garry's Mod a good choice for this? (WARNING: LOTS OF NOOB)

I’ve had an idea for a sci-fi film kicking around in my head for sometime now, and lately I’ve been thinking about making it a machinima short film. From what I’ve read, Garry’s Mod is perfectly capable for what I’d like to make. I can importustom character models and maps, animate them, and film it. The problem is, 99.9999% of the videos I see for Garry’s Mod are just rag-dolls waving around as if they had epilepsy, and really bad custom maps OR maps from Half Life 2 and other games. How hard is it to create maps that look good (do you use Hammer, or something within G-Mod?) and how hard is it to animate character models with some sense of realism? (And is XSI Softimage mod tool my best option for editing/making models?) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

It depends, it will take you a ton of practice to get animation down in a 3D world. and maps are extremely hard to manufacture as well. If you want to make a really good film you’re going to need a team. Check these guys out.

I’ve done some animation in 3ds max, so I don’t think it’ll be too hard (famous last words), but thanks! I appreciate your response and the link!

You underestimate the difficulty of using Hammer.

It isn’t “hard” like using 3DS max, it is just clunky as fuck and rather un-intuitive.

Until this comment, I hadn’t heard of Hammer being clunky. Thanks for the info.

Well if you need a team, come to me, PM me if your interested, I have alot of servers we can use.

Remember to save hammer frequently, it crashes a lot.

I wouldn’t so much save as protection from crashing. More so your entire map can be irreversibly ass-backward fucked with the wrong key combination.

No it doesn’t. Hammer never crashes for me, and it’s rather easy to use even if isn’t as streamlined as other level editors.

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what your actual requirements are. Go watch War Of The Servers if you want to see what gmod is capable of in terms of machinima making.

Note that 9/10 of the movie was made in Gm9, the highly outdated free version of gmod. You have to pay for the current version, but it offers so much more options that you can hardly compare the two. Not to mention that version 13 which is in beta stage atm will be released soon, adding whole lot new functions, aimed mainly at machinima makers.

Well not recently, but the Portal 2 one does.

Not trying to sound rude, but just because your’s crashed doesn’t mean hammer as a whole is a program that crashed frequently.

Everyone has different operating systems man.

I heard something about windows 7 having problems with the SDK… Do you know if that’s still an issue?

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Alright… My requirements aren’t that high, just to be able to use custom maps. I appreciate the heads up about Gm13 though, and thanks for the info about War Of The Servers… It looks pretty cool from what I’ve seen already.

There’s a big fucking difference.

only for voice recognition and lip syncing

I haven’t really used hammer a whole lot recently so I don’t really know the current crash level.