Is Garry's Mod copyrighted?

The title says it all. I wanna make a movie, put it on DVDs, and sell it to my friends. Can I do that?

War of the Servers.


They sold DVDs for a few bucks I believe.

But, my question is do I have to ask Garry special permission.

Why would you make a movie and sell it?
It probably wouldn’t be worth it unless you’re a master with making animations and special effects and what not.

I can at least try, gerbils! Isn’t that all that matters?

You’re right.
You can try.

But that’s not all that matters. :eng101:

Yes it is, Nori the exskimoat

The fee’s were to cover postage, they can’t make profit of it seeing as all content is Valve content.

Any machinima made with Garry’s mod can be on a non-commercial basis only unless you get permission from Valve. So yes you can make DVD’s, but you can’t sell them.

You can’t sell it legally, no.

Making your friends pay is a bit heartless isn’t it?

If your just selling moves your fine considering you bought the game and that’s ending the story their…

Logically, anything you make on Garry’s Mod (excluding machinima) belongs to Newman.

The engine is Valve’s, odds are the props and resources are Valve’s, and the mod is Garry’s. No profit for you.

Ahh, thanks for clearing that up.

Let me straighten things up. Most everthing is Valve’s and Garry Newman made the mod. You would need Garry’s and Valve’s permission first and most likely they would want a cut of the cash.

im not sure but i would consult garry first :_

hmm, what if evry texture,map,addon,guns,npcs,props etc were all created by you? hmmmmmmmm