Is Garry's Mod Down?

I’ve been trying to enter Garry’s Mod but I get a message. Can somebody please help?

What’s the message, and I doubt it.

:yarr: Pirate!

What’s the message say?

What message?

Do you mind making your profile public for assurance?

Also, giving us a correct URL to your profile, lol.

what error is actually showing.

After doing some “research”, I found out this may his problem:

That is different.
You just need to delete a .blob file in steam folder.

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It seems so that our op here is a pirate.
Didn’t even replied.

OP, if it tells you that it’s unable to shade polygon normals, give us the number after the error and we’ll be able to assist you.

What he said, we can fix it after you give it.

Why would you pirate gmod its 10 dollars and I’ve played it the most out of all my games.

Because these are the same kind of people that would rather avoid confronting the problem with a rational solution. No, these are the same kind of people that try hacky ways/programs to make their computer run faster instead of getting the balls and smarts to just get new parts. These are the same kinds of people that solve problems with problems, and these are the people I hate.

It used to be $2.5 like a day ago, cheap people these days.

Maybe if you could talk we could help you? Give us more information next time you confront us with a question?

I think this guy is around 11-13 yo and his mum don 't want to buy the game/she dont want to use her credit card(Good thing you can 't get multiplayer working with cracked steam games)

Except one of my “Friends” pirated CSS and plays all the time.