Is Garry's Mod dying?

This isn’t me asking for any particular reason other than the shear curiosity out of what people have said to me.

Many people that I have talked with have stated there concerns about the Garry’s Mod “community or population” of the game has began to slope downward.

Now I have ran my GMOD community for around 2 years now, at least that’s how long i feel it has been. And i haven’t noticed much of a decline of player population myself. But many others that have spoken with me feel very strongly that it is infact “dying”

What do you think, do you feel Garry’s Mod is loosing its touch and or population, Post your comments below stating your point of view on the matter.

According to these stats from, Garry’s Mod goes on constant upward & downward slopes (think of it as a quadratic function).
Sales and such usually improve the player count, but regardless, Garry’s Mod isn’t “dying”, more like it’s getting stagnant.

Oh that’s a cool chart.

The multiplayer community, and introduction of fresh and original ideas has been declining for years now; player-count and sales wise, negligible change.

Also remember that quite a few players are kids so naturally are currently in school. You’ll see a huge peak during spring/summer.

Not exactly, but ingenuity has is hard to find nowadays with the Scriptfodder and Coderhire scripts.

This question gets brought up every now and then so I’ll just make it plain and simple.

No, GMod is not dying, it has simply gained more players who are younger and therefore have no reason to develop things, and a lot of the developers have left while newer, younger developers have taken their place, resulting in addons which are not scripted as well as they “used to be” but at the same time the young and aspiring developers from before are now growing to become good developers. GMod is in a natural slump when it comes to development, luckily we have gotten through the deepest part of the slump and we’re raising once again toward the pique.

I don’t really think so, the game is fine tbh.

More of a sin wave tbh.
Also, if you expand the graph, it actually does seem like it’s in decline population-wise. But even if that was right (I could be totally shit at reading the graph), I wouldn’t describe it as dying, dying would be more like it has a small stagnant community. Something like day of defeat source.

But this thread is basically made every few months and the answer is always no.

I think most people who play TTT, a lot of them discovered it from lets players. That gives you a good idea of what type of community it is.

generaly many of the people that watch letsplays are kids, so u are tryin to say that the community is a bunch of children, if thats what u are trying to say i do agree with you, because every dark rp sever i have joined as of recent has been 1/3 kids, if not more

I run a darkRP server that’s kind of a hybrid of zombie waves and darkRP plus leveling, prestige, etc.

I wouldn’t say I run into a ton of kids, but there are some definitely.

Finding staff you can rely on is pretty difficult in any case.

judging by this post, i’d be inclined to assume it’s a fairly elitist one

Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread! I do believe I have my answer. Thanks

More like fresh and original ideas are ignored in light of COD guns, FNAF maps, and “”"""""“roleplay”""""""".

The real problem is this forum. Apparently the moderators take a break from 11pm until about 10:45pm the next day. Very little is done about the trolls in here… unfortunately they are representative of the types of people you get on the servers sometimes.

Immature, unreasonable, don’t read simple English, can’t figure things out for themselves and think they are the center of the universe.