Is Garrys mod getting worse or its just my opinion?

Few years ago, i played garrys mod with pleasure, but few weeks ago i remebered how great game it was when i played it last time. So i decided to download it and i have seen mainstream game with only kids playing TTT and DarkRP. Thing, i miss most are Fretta servers which were perfect and i enjoyed playing there. I miss it so much. I dont understand build server. Its just bunch of @!#-: downloading dupes from workshop nad spawning huge props just to spam the server and destory others builds. Is it just me or the garrysmod is worse than it was?

Greetings. JohnDeere1334

You’re not the only one who thinks GMod is getting worse.

All i wish is to get rid of new serverbrowser, workshop(or just remove silly dupes and do general cleanup) and get fretta. Its pain in the ass to find server with community capable of thinking :slight_smile:

The fretta base is already updated to GM13. The only thing that needs updating are the other 30+ gamemodes that were made for fretta.

I don’t know how people manage to find such awful build servers, all the ones I regular on have great builders. Public dupe spawners are swiftly taken care of, and spammers are rare.

Perhaps it really has gotten shitty and the diamonds in the pile of shit are getting harder to find.

To be honest i really don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for a server there is SO MUCH CHOICE and the vast majority of the time i’m disappointed with the same thrown together crap.

You don’t get unique servers anymore and if you do they are lost in mounds of other crap. The push for the public open source gamemode has encouraged more of your thrown together shit servers. When people realise they have one their instant thought is to buy an addon that makes 1 slight different or come to the forums and ask if there is an addon that does something like this is minecraft.

As much as people bitched about opensource learning and all that jazz the best days of garry’s mod were those when private gamemodes were “in” at least then you had to make the effort if you ever wanted a player.

Totally agree, Simply I miss Garrys mod before ersion 13, which in my opinion became “too much commercial” and any fool is now able to host server, so as you say, unique servers are lost in between shitty servers.

I love how people talk as if everything before garry’s mod 13 was fine and dandy. Darkrp and TTT never existed. Every build server was unique, nobody ever used dupes and you had to be real clever to host a server.

I think you’ll find the real reason the blame garry’s mod 13 is because it required addons and gamemodes to be update to new standards. You therefore ended up loosing all the past unsupported gamemodes and addons and unfortunately got left with a smaller pool to choose from. The numbers were always in decline and the idea behind garry’s mod 13 was to fix all that crap that hadn’t worked for some time in order to rejuvenate it.

I think you’ll find its more a good historical marker to make a comparison to rather then a utopia past.

More colors :sucks:
more noob friendly interface :sucksx2:
pro players wont play kids game anymore :suckx3:
gmod has so much TTT RP HIV GG DD RM RF GM in it, it doesnt deserve the word sandbox anymore D:

Garry’s Mod has declined for many since the demographics of the player base are changing, and sales are at an all time high. People are buying Gmod at rates that are 6 to 7 times higher than in 2008, gmod had to change to stay relevant in the marketplace, as a victim of free market enterprise. Yet all is not lost.

There are still a collection of servers that have a competent and lasting userbase, often these servers have had standing communities for years, and among the top servers of gmod, each has its own distinct personality. The crap servers are easy to spot, they often have massive names, and even bigger taglines, these are to be avoided for the sake of your gmodding experience. Servers with simple names that can be memorized often are run by the more competent.

But I digress, the only thing that has declined for me is performance, since I’ve stuck to the same server groups for over 3 years, and now 4 years on my favorite server.

I’ve been playing since GM10, and I can say that it’s definitely gotten worse. This is not so much Garry’s fault or any coders’, but they community’s. All you see these days is TTT, DarkRP, and Prop Hunt. This is largely due to the attention it has attracted from YouTubers.

It’s a lot like Minecraft; the community is the biggest downfall. It’s less noticeable with Minecraft, however, because there are mods to suit everyone’s demands (Tekkit, FTB, etc.).

Ye its interesting that since all these youtubers and minecraft came around everyone comes to garry’s mod and assumes its the same, addon for everything. Probably where a lot of this commercialisation came from.