Is Garrysmod safe at the moment?

Hello i opend this post because im concerd about Garrysmod, with all the lua viruses going around things have gone from exploiting, to hacking and to planting viruses into peoples computers. Escpecially with the current GMAN virus i do not think it is right for Garry Newman to allow these things to happen, my freinds Steam is now ruined because of these viruses and i think Garry should DO something to fix them. Whats your say?


There are soo many LUA viruses and real viruses and other bugs with Garrysmod that do not allow you to go on servers, and make sertain things not work that i see it pointless for Garry himself not to FIX it.

I think you should stop and think about what you’re saying.

Garry is working hard to produce fixes for the viruses. Concerned about getting hacked? Don’t play, problem solved.

Also, if your steam friends were ruined then ask for Steam to reset it.

Good day.

tottaly agreed, i’m kinda worried to because of the scary gman virus(yes i’m a pussy if it comes to those things) because it suddenly appears and makes an scary scream like those on youtube.

Stop worrying. Play on server that you KNOW are safe, and you’ll be safe. LUA Viruses don’t usually cause much harm, and just end up being a minor inconvenience.

No, Gmod isn’t safe at the moment. However you shouldn’t be concerned about the so called griefing viruses. What you should be concerned about are the ones that root into your system. Why? Because no antivirus can detect them since they operate under the HL2 process and the antivirus companies don’t take the game viruses very seriously even when they can cause same damage as any other viruses. So the Gmod basically acts as a backdoor which cannot be blocked. Even if an antivirus would identify something specific GMod virus it wouldn’t be able to block them.

Right now i am working on an experimental virus(codename: Ghoul) which forces the infected computers join a botnet. The botnet could be used for attacking Apache webservers. I’m considering writing a math solving system too which would turn the botnet into a super computer. But in the other hand that’s really stupid idea since this is an experimental virus.

The botnet could be operated anonymously from anywhere and it can be divided into multiple smaller botnets.

For more information about this project contact me via Private Messages.


Here’s how to avoid being infected by any viruses GMod viruses:
-Avoid joining random servers or atleast don’t join the obviously infected ones, If the servers name is something like “Chr1saster’s shit hole” or “gayry is gay!” then you probably shouldn’t join it.
-Don’t download random lua files off the web.
-Don’t download lua hacks off the web.
-Don’t fuck with the rogue admins.
-Don’t install scripts that your friends or “friends” have sent you.
-Inspect regulary the contents of your gmod folder and the contents of the files in there.

If you suspect that you have been infected with a gmod virus of somekind, you should come to the forums and tell us about it. In most of the cases we help you destroy the virus.

only as safe as you make it,

make sure you have a good antivirus, to protect against the proper ones that can be detected via antivir

however the lua ones, its best to make a backup of USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod folder

or even the USERNAME/garrysmod because sometimes people report that these virus’s cant be cured by simply deleting the garrysmod folder as it spreads outside and to the entire game on steam

anyway move these backups to my documents or something, just so if you do get a virus
you have a kind of. garrysmod system restore, which you can delete the virused gmod and add your old non virused one :slight_smile:

personally i cannot do this, as i have a 40gb or something garrysmod folder, and that would take way too much time and space, so i must be weary of the servers i join i perferebly right click on a server and select VIEW SERVER INFO to see if the 5/20 players are really there… servers can fake players so look for names like lol rofl hello ect

if a server has 5 real people or similar then its relatively safe to join.

excuse my bad spelling i didnt check google on how to spell some words but im sure you’ll work them out ha :stuck_out_tongue:

Just play on Proper servers, don’t join ones that have over 12 people in it, without looking at the server info first, if it says No server information, don’t jion.

no, Garrysmod is the New York (maybe even the LA) of the online gaming world.

People will force you buy drugs, kidnap people, and rape your sister (don’t have a sister? then it only gets worse).

After that, the gangsters come out, chase off the cops who did that stuff to you, and then start kicking you in the stomach and stealing your credit cards/cash.

BTW, most of those statements do have GMod counter parts. (especially if you are on an RP server)

EDIT: Garry doesn’t “allow” them to happen, problem is, he can’t fly in on a white horse and purge your video games of nasty little viruses.

He is busy with these things called “his own life and problems that come with it”

Dude his life is Garrysmod he made it and he runs his business o f it

Look on Garry’s blog and it will be clear that he does do other things.

Although, he has made a good £500,000 from GMod.

Also Garrysmod is not safe because my freind and lots of others i know all randomly automaticly joined a server wuth a whole load of other peeps and it used a companys server to put viruses to ther comps THATS REALLY SCARYand BAD!!!

It is. You only get lua ‘virii’ by being an idiot and joining servers with 133/7 players (Fake player counts) and they are a piece of piss to remove. GMod is safe as long as you keep an eye one what server you play.

oh dear

Oh how terrible.

Also your an idiot and so are your friends because your friend and lots of others you know all joined crappy servers* that redirect you to (usually RP) servers with (not wuth) a bunch of peeps who also joined crappy servers* and the server isn’t so much a company server as much as it might be a dedicated server** that put lua viruses*** to their comps when they download it’s server content, which you can stop it from doing if you bother to open up console and type a command or two, THATS REALLY NOT SCARYand BAD!!!

*crappy servers could have been hacked, or set up to redirect.
**dedicated servers are servers that you pay a fee to use. it is basically renting a server to use.
***a lua virus is something you get by joining a bad server and you let it give you files. They have NO affect on your computer (unless you get a smart one that causes you download real viruses when you load GMod. but those are rare, as a lot have been blocked and they are a bitch to make), but can mess with your GMod. They usually do this by running console commands and changing the binds you have on keys. Ones that mess with your keys, you can really just unbind the affected keys, and then rebind them to whatever they should be

I got the GMAN virus its fucking annoying

Most people don’t know how to code a GMod ‘virus’, and even fewer know how to code ones that actually effect your whole computer. Are you sure your ‘friends’ aren’t lying?

Way to pull all of that out of your ass

It spams in your default browser, if it does open, it would definately affect your entire PC.

And that’s why I don’t play online.