Is Germany 1 (Dev) server down?

I play on Germany 1 (Dev) server and today when i tried to connect, the server was not found. Is the server down or under maintenance?
If yes, when will it be back on again?

You may need to download the latest update. Currently you can either play on Dev with beta enabled or every other server with beta disabled. I’m currently playing on Germany Dev.

My game is up to date. How do enable/disable beta?
Can you give me the IP of Germany 1 (Dev) so I can try to connect with the console?

right click on rust -> properties -> Betas -> Opt out

Ok, managed to get on the server, my stuff is stolen, I got that going for me which is nice.
Anyway, thanks for the quick respond, just one final question,
should I choose Opt out or Dev?
What does it mean even i’m note sure.

OPT OUT like said before…
these servers are only for stress testing, use a community one or modded

Can someone post the net.connect IP for the DEV Germany server? I cannot get it to show in the list when I enable the Beta setting.

Ok, thanks for info, case closed :smiley:

read through the posts again carefully /facepalm