Is getting a key gonna be a forever thing?

I have been wondering? Are you allways gonna be needing a key for playing the game for example in 5 moths are you still gonna be needing a key? also if you dont have to anymore need a key is that gonna make the game something that you need to buy?

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It’s pre-alpha and so is limited to a certain amount of people.

Everyone will get access to the game. Just not right now.

You create an account with the key, then just log into the account to play it, if you have alpha key then you will get full version of the game when it comes out (no i dont know when that will be)

You can either have someone just give you a key, have a streamer give it to you, or win the current drawing contest that is going on at the moment I believe. As said above, it’s only in alpha. The game will be available for everyone in time.

Everyone who pays will get access to the game*, they said it won’t be a free2play

I didn’t say that it would be a free2play. But not everyone has the chance to receive a key, but all (if not most) will have the chance to buy the game when the time comes.

And I doubt everyone who gets a key now will get to continue playing once this is released. You’ll probably still have to buy another key.

Anyone who pays money now is an idiot.

Everyone who pays for it now will get scammed.

Hopefully not, I’m tired of you people.

Holy hell, I wish there was a totally separate website for this shit, popular threads is always clogged with the same damn rust threads.