Is GM_construct a real place in SanFransisco?


gm_construct is a fictitious place made by Garry Newman, who lives nowhere near San Fransisco.

1:18 is a picture of a top-down view of gm_construct laid over something from google earth, you can even see the shadow of a tall building on the bottom left of that block. It’s a pretty bad photoshop…




how is that a tl:dr?

What does tl;dr mean anyway?

too long, didn’t read.

The short version of a post, I guess i really didn’t need one because the post was already short…

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No, it’s true.

I work at cs_office and gm_construct is like 3 blocks away :smug:

man, it must suck always being in the middle of a war like, every 5 mins

on another note, yeah of course it’s real, i take my phys gun down there every weekend


No, it doesn’t.

No, it doesn’t.

I highlighted the area where the overlay was.

A bit gullible are we?

That’s not San Fransisco, that’s Luna Major.

Wait… Does this mean gm_flatgrass is a real place too…?

Oh just think! Endless… Umm… Nothingness.

SHIT! that means all those crappy 5 min maps exsist somewhere TOO!!! oh god

That was Sahara before it got overrun by sand.

Only stock gmod maps exist somewhere on earth.
Gary said so on his blog.

you know, it’d be really fun to actually build gm_construct as a real place…
think of it…the ultimate machinima for gmod, costumes, props, scenery…-acting-

That’s a great video.

It does exist. It’s in Canada.

It’s called Saskatchewan