Is GMod compatible with HL2 DM?

Hey! I’m going to buy Gmod as present to my friend, and he has Half Life 2 Deathmatch what he downloaded for free from ATI’s site, because he has ATI video card. So, is it compatible with Gmod? Thanks for any help!

Yes it is, you can mount it in Gmod fully compatible.

If he only has HL2DM that he got from that offer then it won’t work.

So, it doesnt work, or?


Please, can anyone answer?

It should work. =| Is that really all you want to know?

Yes it is.

I’ve heard the free offer doesn’t work with Gmod. But you should check the steam site to be sure… I went there:

Quoted: (from here )

The bold part clearly states the free HL2DM won’t work.

Gmod also comes with CS:S or TF2

Close. GMod CAN come with it if you shell out an extra $15

If you have the full version of HL2DM, it should work. Here is a list of all games compatible with GMod. Please note that if you’re not able to play GMod on the account you’re trying to purchase it with, Steam won’t let you.

actually yes it does. You can still mount hl2dm on gmod from the free offer, but then you need to actually buy something to get gmod working.

Aah thank you for help all :slight_smile:

Let us know how your problem/question turns out.