Is Gmod ready for RP?

Is Garry’s Mod ready for Role-Play? Was it ever?

That’s the question I bring to the table and I’m curious to know what you guys think.

As far as the RP experience itself. I’ve observed and concluded as much on my own:

*This is my opinion and as an American Resident I am entitled to one. Please, if you’re a hard-core RP Fan boy then take your negative responses and insulting excuses to some other thread please.

Also, don’t reply with a response unless you’ve read the subject and are ready to give your opinion/response in an educated and mature post*

The way I see it, the Source Engine itself, as well as Garry’s Mod, has more than enough potential to house an adequate Role-Playing game like Oblivion, Neverwinter Nights, etc. What I believe is responsible for the continuous downfall of RP is the community.

I’ve seen so many great gamemodes end up absolutely ridiculed and shamed by the people that get a kick or two out of ruining the fun for everyone else. Time after time awesome gamemodes like LightRP etc. have been proven useless thanks to the inevitable pain-in-the-ass that most of its players contribute to. You just CAN’T host an RP server without finding someone who loves to “Own all the doors” or “DM for no reason” or “Arrest everyone.” That’s because the people that play RP are divided into two groups:

1.) The ones that give a shit.
2.) The ones that don’t.

Those who care, respect others, obey “Cops” and really get into their Role-playing. The ones who don’t, feel it is their duty to personally make sure that all people who are enjoying themselves, don’t.

So, most of the brave and avid lua coders out there have tried to make an RP gamemode that will both allow the first group to enjoy their game, while implementing a system to control the second group. All have failed, all…but a small handful of perfectly executed, coded, and monitored gamemodes designed for controlled role-playing (Out of respect, I’m not going to’ list any.)

However, even in these gamemodes you’ll find the occasional person who will worsen the situation for everyone else involved by breaking rules, etc.

I am in no way pointing all Minge activity to the RP Gamemode; I know it occurs in all games. I am also, in no way, implying that Garry’s Mod (Both the game and the community) will never be ready to truly Role-play.

Try as you might, no amount of code can rid the Role-Playing community of the serious Mingery that occurs within. It takes an incredibly strict set of rules and an incredibly strict group of Android-Admins to enforce those rules, in order to truly eliminate such factors.

But if you think about it, you can’t have order and power without corruption. It as much a part of our society as Minges are to our games.

So, in short, I personally think no, the Garry’s Mod community is not ready for anything similar to Role-playing.

Please post your replies, I’m eager to know what you think since it seems to me that people either agree or disagree with the idea of Role-playing in Garry’s Mod.

In fear of being sued, flamed, tormented, murdered, or all four. I’m typing up a quick disclaimer:

*This is not a rant/ bitch-post, it is a topic of mature discussion and debate.

*All opinions expressed within this post are my own, and hold no direct implication over your own, or your will.

*I do not “hate” RP, RPers, Minges, lua coders, or any of the like.

I knew RP once. That was a long, long time ago…

(Anyways, the script isn’t the main problem. You just need a crack team of admins to watch over the server.)

From my experience, the people who come on an RP server to be twats are the ones who don’t like RP in the first place.

It’s been shown before that private, passworded communities do far better than the average DarkRP server, and that the more people actually RPing on the server influence the others because it becomes easier. More people in the activity make it more appealing to most people.

I myself think it’s physically ready for RPing, just we aren’t suited to it, nor is RP itself.

I made a thread about this. Pretty much an exact repost except more eloquent.

Well done. You deserve a Gold Star!

It’s like you said, we have two groups of people :

1.) The ones that give a shit.
2.) The ones that don’t.

and the sad part is that the 75% (just to say a number) is from the 1st group.

I played last night in a RP server with darkrp, and people DM’ing and breaking rules was the number one rule to be in the server.

Although, I think the RP gamemodes need more work on they, allowing the players to do more interactive stuff.

For example, using a house mod (like someone suggested, to do a complete gamemode out of it) would improve A LOT the RP scripts and make the player experience way better…but still, we will have that “75%” who don’t care about anything and just wants to dm people…

But I do believe that this community has a great potential to make RP gamemodes a success in the Source Engine :slight_smile:

I’ve always wondered what is the point of RP

I used to be able to do it and have fun, but I tired of it and keep wishing I hadn’t.
It’s all a psychological formula!

To have a role in society and play it. I play the generic asshole you see always in a pissed of mood making everyone else mad. :v:

The theory itself behind roleplay is flawed:

[ul][li]Why do you allow people to sell guns to players if killing people is a bannable offense?
[li]Why are there hidden weapon caches/admin rooms with nuke buttons in nearly every map if DMing and entering the admin room are bannable offenses?
[li]Most RP servers have a stupidly large list of things you “aren’t allowed to do”. All you’re doing is telling people how to piss other people off.
[li]What is the point of police? All you do is annoy people when you arrest them. Half the people who are voted as a cop just run around arresting people on whim. It’s all subjective, and giving such power to random idiots is quite stupid.[/ul]
If you want to RP without being ridiculed/trolled then:

[ul][li]Play in private servers. Public ones are obviously going to be full of people who don’t know how to roleplay. Not to mention abusive admins and people who troll RP servers (read: me).
[li]I hate to say it, but play an objective based game that requires skill. If someone made some sort of mafia-style war gamemode, i’m sure you’d find the same level of immersion in that, even if it wasn’t RP.[/ul]
In my personal opinion, if you want to play the role of a citizen or whatever, then do it in a game that’s designed for it. Garry’s Mod is a FPS mod, which means it’s designed more for weaponry, etc (Although Garry’s Mod is a sandbox mod, that doesn’t mean people can’t use CS:S weapons, etc). Games like Second Life and such are probably a lot less cluttered with shitty servers, DMers and abusive admins.

That is all.

Guns ruin the whole thing.

The theory itself behind roleplay is flawed:

[ul][li]Why do you allow people to sell guns to players if killing people is a bannable offense?
[li]Why are there hidden weapon caches/admin rooms with nuke buttons in nearly every map if DMing and entering the admin room are bannable offenses?
[li]Most RP servers have a stupidly large list of things you “aren’t allowed to do”. All you’re doing is telling people how to piss other people off.
[li]What is the point of police? All you do is annoy people when you arrest them. Half the people who are voted as a cop just run around arresting people on whim. It’s all subjective, and giving such power to random idiots is quite stupid.[/ul]
If you want to RP without being ridiculed/trolled then:

[ul][li]Play in private servers. Public ones are obviously going to be full of people who don’t know how to roleplay. Not to mention abusive admins and people who troll RP servers (read: me).[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]

These points. Especially police. Scripted police absolutely ruin roleplaying in gmod.

What’s the point of scripted police?

A few reply points.

  1. Killing in itself is not a bannable offence as long as it is done in moderation. This is up to the admins to decide but it generally seen as killing without a back story to why.
  2. Maps with admin rooms are bad maps so it is the fault of the mapper, not the server.
  3. They may have a big limit on what you’re not allowed to do, the list of what you are allowed to do is limited only by imagination. This differs from objective based games where you are told what to do and that is what you must do.
  4. Police are useful when a moron isn’t at the helm. Vote systems in RP fail miserably as Minge’s spam the vote until someone is hapless enough to accidentally strike the ‘Yes’ button leading to all hell breaking loose. This is normally contained by administrative intervention (On a good server).
  5. Believe it or not, high quality RP of the more fun variety requires skill. You need to be able to think on your feet, come up with stories and excuses, the ability to interact with someone other than via the medium of a bullet and a half decent vocabulary. The last one isn’t a must but it gets boring for others if you can only say “Want fruit?”. A Mafia style war game would basically be like HL2:DM with custom models. If it was just RP with an objective then it wouldn’t be RP. The point of RP is that you can do what you want within the limits of the server rules.

My perspective. :wink:

I agree that private communities tend to succeed in RP quality.
As for scripted police they simply don’t work from an RP perspective.

I’ll reply to each numbered point:

  1. So as long as i have a story as to why i shot a guy, i’m good to go? I could think of a lot of excuses as to why i kill someone. I could say he killed my great grandfather even. :v:

  2. Almost every RP map i’ve seen has some form of “secret admin room”. OMGcity, Oviscity, and Hometown1999 to name a few. Apparently they assume that people don’t know how to decompile the map and find out the key combo to the admin room. :loleyes:

  3. There’s always some sort of silly MOTD that pops up. Most of them have at least 15 rules which i never bother reading since i know i’ll somehow end up breaking 80% of them.

  4. Almost always there will be a moron at the helm. Justice has downs.

  5. I think if it were coded well, a Mafia-Style gamemode would be very easy to pull off. Immersion depends on the gameplay. You’d need to add factions and such, but it’d be fairly easy to do. I think JetBoom was planning a faction war gamemode back when Gmod10 came out, but abandoned the idea.

I’m glad to see people actually put their opinions down without anyone making a big deal about it. I’m pretty confident that the people posting in this thread are part of that first group I was talking about earlier.

I’ve also noticed that although the style of the gamemodes is changing (Code-wise) the amount of Mingery is always more than that of the code itself. What I mean is that as the Gmod RP concept advances, and we see new features like Gun-Labs, and voting, etc. the amount of problems caused by those new features is always greater.

Could it be that there are two or more problems per single feature? Does corruption increase exponentially while code-design increases linearly?

Well, I’m going to quote a post I made in the roleplay section (now hidden) since it’s relevant:

These ideas hit very close to what I would want if I made a RP. (No, not going to happen, don’t worry. I am a pipe dream hater too.)

This was a biggy, I had wanted to use Elijah’s Crafting System for the entire base of the RP, I would however, have it so you could only carry a finite number of resources, any higher and you have to drop it, like in stranded, but a better system so resources can only be so much per box and a deconsruct system, so you can get resources back from items you have made (not as much as it took, but something.

I had planed to take the physgun out entirly, however. With some coordinated thoughts, that would work into a good system.

I have no idea how this would work however. I can’t see how you could have non prop protect items being different from prop protected wall items. This also need to have the heavy reminder that “Others” will try and make a bunch of prop protected stuff so they can do a number of things, or in other words, Thin Ice Area.

This is new way to look at it, but needs details before any real say on it.

Once again, really close to my idea. I would have guns at a very very bare minimum, fists being the most common weapon (Mixed with a energy system, so if your attacked, you can run, you run outa energy, but the guy chasing you did too, he started with less energy because he threw a punch, and now he can’t because he is too tired from chasing you.) and the body would stay for a while. (With some evidence job for cops, you could find out a killer by examing the body.) forcing real criminals to clean up with a large lake and a cynderblock or face RP’s most wanted list.
The banking idea is great, and I honestly forgot about that.

I would have a entirly differeny money system based on the crafting system that is the core. There is no magic money falling from the sky at set intervals.
I would have a “Pawn Broker” NPC that buys basic resources for dirt cheap prices. (He only sells tools back at VERY high prices.) So anyone can start and pick herbs to sell for a pick or axe to bring in wood or ores, which are worth more. The “Pawn Broker” is just for starters or people who need cash but can’t find people to pay him. His prices will be horrible and you would be much better off selling to the player population. As I said above, a deconstruct system so that any items you own you can make a profit from when you leave the server, either by selling it to another player, or deconstructing it into resources. (That you can sell or have saved by the server, not sure if saving resources is good, so its open.)

I’m still thinking about the cop’s payment system, it can’t be preset times, but it needs to be enough that capturing big bad guys is a big payday, and arresting people off the street at random brings in enough that you were better off picking herbs.

The Finnal and most important thing about my RP idea, was a Very different view on criminal jobs.
Most people say “No, don’t do that. Bad!”
I say “Sure, you can be a assassin, but you have to do it under my rules.”
This way instead of having half the people do things they shouldn’t, they can but are under a much more controled way.

Basic thugs get a little HP, and if they knock a person out (with fists, remember, minimum of weapons.) they can take their money and stuff (not for long, he can wake up on you!) but if they kill a person, they feel guilty (wiether the player likes it or not. Closet case :P) and lose alot of their max energy and HP, and after killing 2 people they are so weak you could slap them and they would by knocked out.

Assassins would be a huge Lua coding nightmare, they would also be a pain to play. They would fallow the cread (Yep, assassin’s creed rip right here.)the basics, killing a person your not assigned to kill means disgrace (you die.) killing a person without a assigned person (you die.), murdering more then 2 cops within a 5 minute timeline (you die.), hurting a fellow assassin (unless he is your target.) (you die.), Targets are assigned by citizens that drop off the list at a predesignated post. (A citizen tacks a target with a price for completion, he drops it off in a specail Lua trashcan (one of many, can’t have cops camping it.) and any assassin can come, look at it, and if they choose to accept, will have a target, and if they are sucessful, are paid.) Assassins get a “Assassin’s Blade” which is a 1 hit back killer, but otherwise VERY weak and utterly horrible to reload (it is a 1 shot blade, like from the game, Assassin’s Creed. except the reload takes about 30 secs.) You also need a certain amount of metal and money to become a assassin, That blade dose not come from nowhere, so its very hard to get back to being one. (aka. you become it, your gonna wanna stay it.)

As you can see, this makes it possible to be a badboy, but you are not as free as you think being a badboy should be.

Was GMod ever ready for RP? Yes it was. I was in some great communities out there that had members that were/are supurb roleplayers. Communities like DSRP (Digital Soul) and Melon Brew (Now Meteornet) had some great roleplay moments. They were minimal script servers. They offered the basics like money, and job posting. Which is great.

But today, I think most GModders rely way too much of the script and the HUD. They see somebodies name for the first time on the HUD, and they immediatly know this person. or when somebody kills somebody, they immediately see it on the HUD, and arrest the person. It is the fact that most roleplayers take things way to literal, and not enough into the creative world they can make. Sadly, now GModders seem very incapable of the task.

Right now isn’t the best time to judge roleplay by servers. It mostly sparks up on the weekends and in the summer or school break periods. Yet again, we can’t say too much on the communities that are still out there. With the downfall of Melonbrew, and their RLRP server that had the finest roleplayers out there for that category has long disappeared. Although we still have a few communities that linger on through the tough times of GMODRP, scripts like DarkRP really ruin the roleplay experiance.

Now there is DMers and minge-roleplayers out there, lingering on and destroying everything in their path.

Now, I am not against scripted RP. I am actually more against scriptless RP.
Scripts could use stuff like gasoline/fuel for cars. But stuff like make your own weapons, board up windows and shit like that is completely pointless. Druglabs is a neat feature actually, but when people go ‘gangster’ they immediatly think DM is ok. That’s what gangsters do right? Wrong actually. A script should offer the basics. Let me go over a few.

Teams. Civilian, and Cop (CP if you are into HL2/Combine RP) This limits crap like ‘mobboss’ ‘gangster’ ‘gunsmith’. Those teams actually make the client/user think they are in charge of things and gives them the holy right in DMing.

Economy. Prop costs, tax properties, and of course the infamous wallet. These are the essentials in my opinion. This makes people spark up an economy, and use money for things other than guns. But, people can spawn any prop they want. This is awful. Not every map can have a prop spawner in every business. This skyrockets ent-data and makes it more accident prone. In a listen server environment, scripting in businesses is rather pointless, unneeded rubbish. But on a large scale community with at least 1 dedicated server, this can done. This ruins the possibility for people to start their own business up and have a great roleplay experience, I know. But economy is an essential piece in RLRP. Maybe an admin function for ‘starting’ up businesses

Neat little features like Fuel is great. That is the only little feature I can see being possible. Shit like the druglab, the gunlab, even a little saw that can make you planks of wood is absolute crap. Even food/hunger scripts are crap as well. Although they can have the client focus more on the script and the RLRP values, they need some independence from the script.

These are just opinions of mine. I could be right or wrong, it all matters on the opposer. I just think a script is great for GMODRP. I also think it can ruin it. It’s balance that is needed, and it is the good RPers that need to balance it out.

I remember gmod 9 rp, they were some good times. The scripts now are to force people not to dm, it doesn’t always work. I feel sometimes it’s got a little too complicated. It can be quite frustrating as well. Problem with a lot of these scripts is that none of them force people to buy things. So noone buys anything, so noone makes any money and it seems pointless in the end. Some times when you have the need for food, then people will just wait until they die and respawn and do the same. There definitely should be some kind of forced economy if you want rp to work. Take me back to the days of paying someone to buy a computer for your apartment by changing your name and them changing theirs :frowning:

Tacoscript had the ‘economy’ on their server. It was never positive, ever, when I was on ( 24+ players ).