Is goremod with bones a fake?

ive downloaded it and it doesn’t do anything it doesn’t destroy the body and there’s no bones.
ive uninstalled all the other goremods i had before it doesn’t work

Same here, the guy doesn’t put the instructions in the read me very clear… Here’s the quote:

"okay first…
this is my first add on i love blood in games so I’m going make a dismemberment mod its FULL realistic

put it in to /steam/steam apps/account name/Garry’s mod/Garry’s mod/and then put materials into-
materials and lua…

thanks for downloading

don’t worry this is my first add on"

I think I need to worry if it is your first add on… I had to edit every other word because of his spelling. Quite pathetic really.

Same shit for me… that sucks!

Does this guy have a facepunch login, because someone should PM him for some better instructions.

i think its fake and he just posed the ragdolls to look like they had guts and bones coming out of them like the gman picture where he shoots him and a skeleton falls out he just used the inflator tool to deflate him a little and posed the skeleton ragdoll.

Well, I took a look at the files compared with regular gore mod, and it looked legit, but I don’t know. Might just be some BS files named bones and skeletons or whatever.

It’s definatly a piece of shit.

Maybe it doesnt work if you have Dismemberment Mod though…

i tried that, nothing.

I tried it to I knew it was a fake from the start NO FACE PUNCH THREAD and when i looked in the info it said it was Dismemberment Mod 1.9 maker Cmaster so this dude just did a shitty edit.

I’m pretty sure if something like this was released, there would be instructions and a thread about it.

All he did was edit the autorun file to gib huge ragdolled legs arms and intestines. If you were to dismember an arm, a leg would fall out (or a spine.)

  1. The pictures was soo fake
  2. It doesn’t work
  3. It’s stupidly extracted
  4. I checked it out, CMasta is right.

i hav downloaded the disemberment mod with bones and ive got the exact same problem as everyone else. Why the fuck would someone upload a bogus file?
He should be fucking shot

Do CMasta can do a REAL goremod with bones?

goremod? More like WHOREmod, I mean, its so terribly extracted, it would never work

On the pictures those guts are from the headspack, he just putted loads of them together to make them look like guts.

It’s just another failed attempt at editing Dismemberment mod without permission. Just like CMasta said, it just has random oversized SMod gib models spurt out when you dismember a limb. I could barely even get it working at first. Don’t even waste your time with this crap.

Good to have the stuff reported and removed from the frontpage!

yeah it’s a complete fae, don’t download it.

I reported it :smiley: