Is gui.OpenURL suddenly broken for you? Try this

I just found out some of the buttons I use to link to my website no longer work, but that for some reason the one linking to my Steam group still worked. I’m guessing there was an update or something to the Steam overlay preventing non-Steam links from being opened.
Anyway it wasn’t hard to find a quick fix for this. Simply replace your link like so:




Links were working normally days ago and all of a sudden they stopped working so I’m thinking the issue (restriction?) is related to Steam itself.

Its been working for me?

Well not for me until I added the link filters:

Yeah, it looks like steam blocks any links from opening unless they are passed through the filter. Now I’ve got to rewrite every call to openURL, what a pain.

It’s broken for me as well. Nobody rewrite any code though, it’ll probably get fixed soon

Just detour it and prefix it
And that’s also why I think this wasn’t willox that changed it, because he would make it do that automatically. Unless it was rubat
also there was also no update log


Looks like there were some changes:

We’re only allowing Steam groups to be opened via gui.OpenURL.

Does it allow any steamcommunity url atm?

Could you elaborate on that choice?

Clients were able to be forced to use any of the steam browser protocol commands.

Does this also effect “Panel:OpenURL”?

No, only the Steam browser.

Hi all. I tried to circumvent the system. And from the part out. I used “” works very strange.
Is the filter on the links.
Only through “steam”. Temporarily Have to use “para”…
Your the best coder C_E_R_E_B_R_O :DDDD

[del]Passing all links through steams link filter would have fixed that. So unless there’s more too it then that there was no reason to irreversibly break a bunch of peoples shit.[/del]

Ok pages can still redirect and fuck your shit up. RIP irreversibly broken shit, it wouldn’t be so bad if we had CEF so at least somewhat modern websites worked.

Why not just make every url that isn’t a steam one use the link filter automatically? That would stop breaking all the addons that depend on it.

This would make it act exactly like the steam chat, so it’s not your fault if people still do shit.

It doesn’t work…

If we could get CEF now so we’re not stranded on an island with awesomium that’d be awesome

Maybe local v = vgui.Create(‘DFrame’) v:SetSize(1200,950) v:ShowCloseButton(true) v:Center() local y = vgui.Create(‘HTML’,v) y:Dock(FILL) y:OpenURL(‘youHTML’)") it’s work…