Is HL2 Lost Coast useful for something in GMOD?

I have it installed and mounted, but I don´t see anything Lost Coast exclusive in GMOD, I can´t even use the map.
So…is Lost Coast useful for something or what?

I think you get the fisherman dude as a ragdoll or something.

You get several props and a ragdoll I believe. The ragdoll of the fisherman and a few ship props. I might be wrong though.

You can pin stuff to walls with the fisherman’s harpoon

lolwut, I have to test that xDDDD

Can I ask what the fuck?

tried to be funny

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Not really as barely any servers have the content for it.

HL2:LC is free if you have ATI/nVidia graphic card. It has few baots, fisherman ragdoll and harpoon. Thats basicly it. But not really worth buying if you have Intel graphic card ?!