Is is me? Or are the Left 4 Dead Models Updated?

Since my time being away for 2 weeks I started playing Gmod again and then I found out that the Left 4 Dead models were updated.

I don’t know if this is happening to everyone but when I spawn a Ragdoll like the Witch you know that hair that always never moves but in the actual Left 4 Dead it moves as she raises and lowers her head?

Well I was posing the Witch and Holy Shit! I saw Jigglebones I think they were and the Witch’s hair was actually moving and I though there was a update but there was no screen I checked the Smokers tongue and it was moving instead of being still.

So is this a secret update because I am puzzled.

wanna see another update :quagmire:

Somehow I get the feeling you wont be joining us for a very long time.

giggity giggity goo :quagmire:

I would ask What THE FUCK but I am to scared to find out

It was just Garry fixing jigglebones.

Same thing with Zoey’s hair and the red tie on Louis. And in TF2, the rope or cable on the Engineer’s belt moves too.

You know I though it was aswell.