Is it actually possible to extract model assets off a Android .APK game file?

I want to extract some asset files off a game called Into The Dead 2 and I am wondering if its possible for me to rip multiple types of files off the game including Models and weapon sounds but mostly models. I have tried googling for some answers but all I could find were people talking about extracting source code which is not what I am looking for.

Opening APKs is the easy part. APK’s are essentially just renamed zip files, so you can open them with WinRAR or such. Into the Dead 2’s APK, in particular, has its contents entirely in an .obb file within. But, that .obb can be opened in 7zip.

Now, what really matters is what engine the actual game runs on. Turns out Into the Dead 2 runs on Unity, and its resources can be opened in Unity Studio.

As said above, extracting the apk is easy, but it depends on what model format the game actually uses. You might get lucky and the game uses a common format that can be directly imported in a modeling program e.g. blender, or someone has already written a converter for. You might get unlucky and find the game uses a custom format no one has bothered making a converter for. You won’t know until you try.

What about sound files? do they also come in many different formats as well?


I extracted the .obb file now and theres ASSETS file RESOURCE file and ones that just say file which im assuming those just named ‘file’ can’t be extracted at all.

I’ve extracted audio from an unity based android app before. It was a long time ago so I barely remember anything but I think I used a program called ‘disunity’.

All of those files, even the ones with long strings of hexadecimal for filenames and no extensions, should be able to be opened in Unity Studio. You’re going to have to dig through them to find anything in particular, though.

Problem is that most mobile game companies won’t tell you want engine they use unless they are willing to hire you for a position. I tried looking up Transformers: Forged to Fight once and found no luck. If it’s like Marvels Contest of Champions, does this mean it’s unity based or not? I’ve been wanting to snag some models and fighting sfx like gun fire and punch connection sounds.

Like Dr. Evilcop said, you don’t know until you try. Now, I took a look into the Contest of Champions APK, and as it happens, it IS made in Unity. But the APK doesn’t contain most of the data; the only characters’ files in it are Captain America, the Collector, and Venom. I’m guessing the game downloads the rest of the data first time you run it. So you’d have to actually install the game, then look for the data somewhere in your mobile device’s files. I’m afraid you’re on your own there.

If you do manage to find the files yourself, I should note I had to run the characters asset bundle through Asset Bundle Extractor twice before I could open it in Unity Studio. As in, I had to use ABE once to unpack it, then run the unpacked file through ABE again, then into Unity Studio.

Looks like I found the models I wanted but what about sound files? I couldn’t find a single sound file on the unity studio at all.

look guys Transformers Forged to Fight, I managed to extract with Asset Bundle Extractor, all the initial characters, robot mode and vehicle or beast, the thing is that it is an obb or data that I got on the network. because I have the android nox emulator, but I can not locate the data to extract the character I want, since I play a lot to get it. ahhh also starship troopers invasion armor, weapons and insects was more or less the same then I will share everything I have.