Is it at all possible to get Sauron's armored character model from Shadow of Mordor?

i know requests for Shadow of Mordor in terms of models has been high, but i’m MOST interested in getting Sauron the Dark Lord himself in his Awesome Armor. I have a .mesh file for him but every time i try to open it comes up as an error :frowning: so if someone can help me get an obj file of an Armored Sauron OR give me advice on how to open the Fricken .mesh file i’d most appreciate it thanks

the reason i say armored is because there is apparently an elf form of Sauron(A.K.A Annatar)

Think you could share the .mesh file here? I want to say that you may need to use Hex2OBJ to convert it, but one of my programs might be successful in opening the file.

same here i was thinking about retexturing Sauron with pearl black armor with dark grey detailing to make it resemble my vision of Melkor before he took the Silmarils from the elves in the first age. you do know who Melkor (Morgoth) is right?

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Cylonproject here’s the link i have for the .mesh of Sauron
i also tried using Hex2OBJ but i failed time after time :frowning:

Link to the Shadow of Mordor MaxScript thread

I already posted there because the model you linked doesn’t import with correct weighting, though if you don’t care about the bones and/or rigging, here’s the OBJ:

Thank you this really helps :slight_smile:

So I’m guessing that Shadow of Mordor is rip-able now? Wonder why no one’s mentioned it before. I really do like this game’s interpretation of his mace. Looks really badass, along with The Hammer.

do you mean the Hammer of Sauron Himself of the hammer he wields?

Both. He’s pretty kick-ass too. Supposedly the mace he wields IS Sauron’s mace, or at least a take on it.

It’s a shame that the other LOTR games have either bad quality models, or just low-poly. I’d love to grab Prequel Witch King and some units of Angmar from the Battle for Middle Earth expansion, Rise of The Witch King.

Link to Angmar units–>

thats cool i especially love the witch king armor there :slight_smile:

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maybe i could use a .psk file im trying to rig sauron in blender and im failing miserably :frowning: hopefully you don’t mind me asking.


this is the result of me rigging
a list of past results:
Messed up model when posing
out of place bones
the side effect of constantly wanting to throw your computer out the window ECT.

i give up at this point because now i know im horrible at rigging T_T CRIES OF AGONY

If the mesh already has bones when you opened him, you don’t really need to add anything else. I’m no expert, but I think there are a few people here that are willing to try out Sauron.

the model was an obj there were no bones that’s why i tried rigging him and failed time after time :frowning: i’m sad now.
and when i almost had a good rig it deformed the model so idk what to do.
i really wanted to port him in SFM and Garry’s Mod but it looks like my hopes were to high.

but i also wanted to do a reskin of Sauron and turn him into Morgoth Middle Earths first Dark Lord with an almost black or the darkest gray there is on the color scale but light enough to still show detail with brownish red rust details oh boy would i LOOOOOOOOOOVE that.

There is a model request thread in this subforum. Post the .obj file there along with your request: It probably won’t be me, but someone’s liable to come along and pick it up. There is about one or two people I know that deal in medieval fantasy models.

thanks you are my savior

one last favor if its fine with you can i have a BVH file for Sauron because i finally have a way to hopefully rig him in blender and as i discovered PSK files aren’t the right thing to rig with, if i can have a BVH then thanks again

As for the Witch King, I haven’t been able to get this game yet but do you have a mesh file of him as well Morgoth?

sadly no but if i did i would give you a link but i don’t sorry :frowning: but i don’t think the Witch King is in Shadow of Mordor

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I know this is immature as hell but

he has a giant dong bone.