is it by any way possible to get the gmod 12 spawnmenu?

I really liked that spawnmenu, and I’m gonna host a server and want to use it, but I’m not sure if its possible to just rip that spawnmenu from the game, and put it in gmod13, if it is can someone do it and compile it into some addon or something?


If it could have happened it would have a while ago. I don’t think it is possible

It would have be a different gamemode by its self.

Not only that, but there many derma changes that would trip you up along the way in GMod 13, if you were to attempt to recreate that spawnmenu.

well, are we able to get atleast that old freeze indicator? with the circle and sh*t?

I actually like the spawn menu back in GMOD 12. It was extremely simple.

That freeze indicator was also extremely handy.

On topic:

If someone feels like taking loads of time coding a sandbox gamemode that uses the gmod 12 spawnlist, then probably.

Whats wrong the the Gm13 menu? The GM12 menu was clunky as hell in my opinion. But I do miss the old freeze indicator.

In my opinion the GMod12 spawnmenu looked nicer.

maybe someone could benefit by inverting the dark/light shades? not literally that but just skinning the dark colors over the light ones and vice versa

[editline]edit[/editline] or for a true dark, make the light windows the dark ones, make the dark ones just a tinge lighter than pitch black, maybe around 16-32 in the RGB?

about the freeze indicator it wouldn’t work on multiplayer even if someone tried working on it :frowning:
clientside lua and all.

it’d be nice if we could somehow get it to work
isn’t it just possible to rip the code off of gm12s spawnmenu then figure out the derma’s, or make it a different gamemode like gmod12 sandbox or something?
with like the old shit gm12 has except for the toybox since we use workshop now
and have it allow us use custom addons?

No. garry has created the ultimate hell (AKA Gmod 13’s spawnmenu) and you can never leave.