Is it dangerous to run the GitHub version of terrortown on my server?

As the title says, are there any dangers with running the GitHub version of terrortown? Will clients have to re-download parts because it’s new, or will it just work?

No. It’s the same as the one in GMod.

If there are changed files, they will be sent to the clients seamlessly.

Alright, thanks!

What would be the best way to modify TTT to support some extra features? (not to be merged back into master) Should I just fork it?

You can’t merge into master, obviously.

I guessed that. I was just asking if forking was the best way. (although saying that, I guess it’s the only viable way?)

If you fork it, you’ll be able to merge any future updates to TTT with your modifications more easily (Supposing you can work out how to use Git).

Alright, I guess that’s my plan of action. Thanks!

If anything it is recommended to use the github version.

The only difference is the Github version will not be pushed to all the clients until there is a gmod update. I personally prefer keeping my server up-to-date with the latest bug free github version. The updates can be very convenient to have an example being the github update that added width into the scoreboard column hook.

Eventually like Robotboy655 said, they’ll all end up being the same as a github version.