Is it even possible to rip from PS2?

Well I’ve seen lots of posts in this forum where users regard ripping from ps2 as impossible. But on other forums I’ve seen others users say different. I’m still looking for ripping programs, but is it possible to rip from PS2 games or is it only possible to rip from a few? I would like to know some time soon, so I don’t waste another week of my life trying to do something impossible.

i think it is, i’ve seen them on the models resource, i’m not sure how though. but if there’s a model you’re looking for it might be there. i think it was the original playstation you can’t rip from because there’s no z-buffer. guess that flushes my hopes of having crash bandicoot: warped models… but from what i’ve heard, ripping from ps2 can be pretty hard

the emulator doesn’t draw Zdepth… of course 3D needs a X,Y,Z to form anything in 3D space… but ps1 and ps2 are flat you only get X and Y

I had a theory… take a capture of your character model, now make your character face in another direction…

you have XY, and XY and since you rotated your character model by say 90 degrees you’ve now captured the Z

combine the 2 captures and the Z depth is solved for…

the problem is that the PS2 doesn’t draw polygons on objects not facing the camera…

In summary no program or gfx dumper plugin will be able to capture data because of the drawing optimizations alot of game developers used in their games…

The only cure all is to just import the models from the game disc files. but this also gets hairy as game devs start to use compression schemes to squeeze performance out of the PS2…

PS1/PS2 Ripping is not impossible, its just a mega pain… most the time I ask… well what game do you want me to rip from? and they say digimon, or some equally silly…

To get the models you have to reverse engineer the binary formats of that game… its possible to do, but TAKES ALOT OF TIME… and most of the time what people want are silly games with really gross models…

So I recommend you either
A. Learn how to Model in 3D and create your own characters
B. Learn File Reverse Engineering and Programming so you can Rip your own Models
C. Or Just keep leeching off

Y’know I head that the major problem of ripping from ps2 was that the models always came out flat, but that theory of yours actually sounds like a really good idea.

And what I wanted to rip from was some .hack// games. I thought since I’m great at converting and ripping stuff from other games I would go with something low-key like the first game, .hack//Infection

I ripped all the content off the disc, but the problem was ripping from the .bin files, which I know are binary and I have not the slightest idea how to open those, the tutorials I got from had me stuck on mounting the cue files written for the binary files. I can see how this would be a pain in the ass, but I really wanted to get into the whole model ripping thing from some Japanese games and I figured since I had some of the dot hack games I would rip from those.

Sorry for the bump, but if anyone could answer some questions that would be great, if you’ve ripped from ps2. I can’t seem to find out if the bin files contain the models or not, because every tutorial on how to open bin files is the same and when I try to mount the .cue file it just crashes Daemon Tools.

I would really like to get these models, obviously I don’t need them but I would like to have them.

Sounds like PS2 ripping may be a bit beyond you at this moment.

For starters I don’t think anyone would have any type of tutorial on doing it… second you probably have “PS2 Ripping” and “PS2 Model Ripping” confused.

Mounting a disc image is when you take an exact copy of your disc and save it to a file on your Harddrive. Some discs containing security sectors which need to be emulated on a software like DAEMON tools… this fools the computer into thinking there is a real physical CD or DVD in your CD/DVD Drive… mounting is more or less for playing pirated games lol

I’ll give you the general Idea though. You only have two options

1 Run your game in PCSX2, and Use 3DVIA PrintScreen
2 Reverse engineer the mesh files

I understand the difference between ps2 ripping and ps2 model ripping. I took my ps2 disc and ripped it’s contents off the disc, I’m just having problems opening the binary files. I also understand how to use daemon tools(and yeah pirating nobody would use that aka no one would talk about it here not me)

Although thanks for your help, never heard of 3DVIA Printscreen, so that gives me something for looking into.

Unless your pirating, or was confused about ripping I see no reason for you to be using daemon tools…
there’s no way that’s needed for model ripping, cause all it does is fake a CD/DVD being in a virtual drive…

Another thing you should be aware of, is a lot of ps2 games store there files on LBA’s…
Which means they write a index file, usually the ELF file. And it’ll list a bunch of addresses… those are the files.

You won’t seen them, in fact there might only be 3 files about a total of 1MB. But the entire disc or ISO is well over 3GBs… KingdomHearts is an example, you need to rip the entire game disc and use a “special” tool to dump all the files… mind you LBA usually never uses file names…

Thankfully this died off after PS2, I haven’t seen it used on PS3… and why would it the addresses would be TOOO HUGE. but anyway it was frequent on a lot of PS1 and PS2 titles so just be mindful of that

Your best bet is getting the PS2 Emulator, PCSX2…
but you’ll need a BIOS for it… which you can dump using a modified PS2 console and some homebrew
Otherwise you would be obtaining it illegally… very

With so many grey areas, you can imagine why nobody writes tutorials on these subjects.

Ok to rip models you will need these

Pcsx2 with a plugin zeroGS

Next you need 3dvia print screen as this ripper can rip the z depth too

Make sure you do this in xp as pcsx2

It does not rip in windows vista & 7 this only works in Windows XP

I am still trying to figure how to get textures

To import your ripped models you will need blender 2.49 with a 3dxml importer once done export the models into an obj and you have your model

Guess I’ll have to go use my friends xp or something, mine refused to boot after a while and now I have a nice windows 7 to go with my windows 7 laptop. Fuck. But thanks for the help, my friend Alex will probably be a bro and let me use his computer.

It should work under win7, not as stable but you should be able to get away with it. You’ll have to becareful because of all the svn versions. Some work with 3DripperdDX, some don’t

Use a early version of GSdx to use with 3dripperDX to obtain textures. ZeroGS is best suited for geometry

I suggest you browse around