Is it even worth it?

My friend and I are trying to learn Lua the excruciatingly hard way by making a fully-functional, hyper-pimped RP gamemode, but is there even a point in making one without amazing custom models, sounds, and modules? Is there even a point in competing with DarkRP, Tiramisu, or PERP? Should we drop the idea in favour of some new, original gamemode idea or just fucking do it just to do it? I ask because this sort of thing is what kills any effort I want to put into ventures, “Has it been done before?” and “If it has been done before, why would anyone give a shit about a couple of noobs making yet another POPULAR GAMEMODE TYPE HERE?”

No, you’re doing it wrong.

Why voluntarly learn something he hard way? Write multiple simpler scripts until you’re confident to do a larger project.

I’m pretty comfortable programming in Lua so far. Of course, I still make little scripts to test out new methods I’ve never tried before or to get a better understanding of subjects in GLua or even regular Lua that I don’t get, but I get the style for the most part, and I’ve programmed in a couple languages in the past so I’m not one to try access a variable that isn’t in the scope or not sanitize nor pre-format my SQL queries or what have you. I figure that doing something more difficult, like creating a complex gamemode, would just be a better way to progress my understanding of GLua.

The problem is whether it’s worth it or not to create the gamemode type in question, because, really, what hasn’t been done by PERP, Tiramisu, CakeScript, or DarkRP?

Well if you put it like that, then: “No, nothing is ever worth doing. Somebody else already did it, why bother?”

I am by no means an expert in RP but I can safely assume that these gamemodes are not perfect.

Actually, it really depends on the person. I find the best way to learn is to set a lofty goal and to work towards it, learning each element as you go. First thing I ever made in Lua was an Intel Emulator*, not even so much as a hello world prior.

*Divran helped me into Lua.

There’s a lot to improve with the current gamemodes. As long as you have some new ideas, I’m sure that your gamemode will become popular.

The way to think about things is if you want to try it go for it. No one can slow you down except yourself.

As an expired RP player. I would say a gamemode that still entertains players, even its like 2 players on server in total or less.

Means: The players get entertained, even if they are alone at server. And that makes them stay.

OpenAura’s HL2RP is a great gamemode, but players don’t have any special privileges or any players are on. Players get bored and leave. Of course, players can Passive roleplay, but it gets boring in after a while too.

This makes sense because on DarkRP people get bored and don’t want to camp the whole time and print money all day it’s just boring… That’s why on my DarkRP server I had I created an SNPC that sells food for the hunger mod, so you can actually get people to get out of their house and get them to walk to the SNPC for actual role play.