Is it forbidden to create a subscription based gamemode?

I would like to know if there is , something, somewhere saying that you are not allowed to use gmod to make a server side gamemode that uses a subscription fee system.


Oh? allright.

I had read somewhere (can’t remember where tho) making something like this would get the server delisted from the steam MasterServer

I think as long as it solely used to pay for the server. I don’t think you are allowed to make money off of it. Anyone can correct me if I am wrong.


I think you’d have to label it as subscription and get the proper licensing to do it. I remember reading somewhere that Valve said offering a donation service for something within a game derived from their engine wasn’t legal. However, many people do it, and nothing happens… To answer your specific question, I’m not sure however, I’d say go for it. Just make sure you offer something people want to subscribe to.

Unless your wretched corpse be threwn about the lands of fire,

Than no.

Legally, you can only accept donations. If the person was to say, agree to a subscription-like monthly donation, then go for it.


You can’t give anything back to the people that donate, as stated in Steam’s ToS

Why would you want to? No one would want to play it…

Just do it and if you get a cease and desist, cease and desist.

It’s an idea only so far, nothing specific.

Well does anybody has a link where i can see the segment in question , because the steam eula barely cover the running of a dedicated server…