Is it good to host a sandbox server?

Hello, I Would love to start hosting a sandbox server but im wondering if sandbox gets a ton of players like darkrp. I dont have that much addons yet only my admin mod my friends some time join and im wondering if i should even try hosting a sandbox server.

There are tons of sandbox players and servers out there. You just need to bring something to your server that others don’t have. Also, people want join your server if they only see one person on their. Try and get 3-5 friends on there and people will begin to join. If you have custom content then they will likely stay. Sandbox doesn’t see the traffic as DarkRP does though.

Make sure to have proper addons to entice builders to stay on your server! Too often people try to host a sandbox server, but don’t even have Advanced Duplicator 2.

My server already has that.

Good, also note that some builds people make put stress on the server, make sure your server can handle stress well.

(If I may ask, are you hosting this yourself or using a service?)

If you wanna make a build server standing out from the crowd, make a map that has more and/or different features than carcon_ws but is as good optimized as flatgrass and buttes, yet still absolute maximum size possible.

And only about 2 decent ones in EU

This is not DarkRP. please don’t

Again. Please don’t do that.

What you will need:

Adv Dupe2
Precision Alignment
Weight Tool
and please for the love of god increase vel and angvel limits

This is the bare minimum i would say.

But please don’t bloat the server with custom models or custom ui.

I once made a completely vanilla, unnamed sandbox server, 10 slots, on my VPS just to test if the Garry’s Mod server worked. I leave for about 5 minutes, and come back, MY CRAPPY VPS SANDBOX TEST SERVER WAS FULL??? We had a bit of fun for about an hour, then everyone left. I still don’t understand how this happens so much, it wasn’t just that one time, but that happens to me a lot when I host a test sandbox server.

How about semi-vanilla?