Is it Half-Life 2 : Episode two?

Is it Half-Life 2 : Episode two, GMod is running on right now?



It’s the OB engine. :v:

So you could say its TF2, portal and orangebox garrysmod is running on.


Orange Box engine

Sauce engine.

Yes it’s the source engine. Currently the Orange box version.

Orange Box Engine

The Orange Box, and in some strange Source SDK update it says Team Fortress, Portal and Day Of Defeat: Source use Source Engine 2009 while HL2: Ep2 use the obsolete Source Engine 2007 and Half Life 2, Episode 1, Deathmatch and CS use Source Engine 2006 which doesn’t support something called phong which is only for + DirectX 9 and higher users… I can see phong though because I also have NVIDIA GeForce 8600… It seems Valve’s Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 only supports dxlevel 90+ (90+ = DX9 and higher)

Every time you reply you just add random trivia. (Like that Left 4 Dead Engine thread…I think)


isn’t the sdk wonderful.

Orange Box:Source, TF2 Edition is what it runs on by the looks of these posts

xD. It runs on Source 2007, bitch