Is it just me or does Garry's Mod feel.. sluggish today?

Checked a dozen server, same thing everywhere.
Tickrates are normal. Pings are fine. Doesn’t even seem to affect the value of FPS… gravity is set to normal on tested servers… it even seems to happen on singleplayer.

It feels like everything is… slower? Very weird/hard to explain, very subtle issue altogether. Jumps seem to be slower… moving props seems slower… doors, sliders, etc… all seem to move a tiny bit slower than usual. Some people have said they “felt” it too but others say they can’t see a difference. There was no recent gmod nor source update that I know of?

Anyone else in the same boat or am I tripping some serious balls today?

Pretty sure you are

Yeah probably.

Sometimes, the BHop server I play, acts like the Gravity is 600. Instead of 800.

Source default is 600( GMod, HL2 ). GoldSource( HL1, CS1.6 ) default is 800. I am not sure what you mean.

The gravity is 800 in CS:S by default.

Yep, the issue disappeared by itself. No idea.

I must have been having some serious mental mushiness that yesterday.

Sorry! This is solved! :slight_smile:

I can say that sometimes video card energy saving mode gets stuck on some laptops. It happened to me, very rare and fixed by restart.

I can confirm this. This happens to my laptop too once in a while.