Is it just me, or does no one understand "Alpha"

I find that most people posting on the forums don’t understand that rust is NOT a finished product. Far too many rant posts treat the game as a finished product.

“This game is ruined because ____”
“Bugs and exploits in an alpha? Garry must me a greedy lazy dev”
“Why are there so many hackers”

Might just be me, but it’s annoying

Ya, I noticed that right away also. I dont think people grasp what an alpha release is.

The game being in alpha does not make it immune from criticism. The whole point of releasing a public alpha is to have people criticize it and find as many issues as possible

Criticism is good… however, some people aren’t criticizing… they are complaining…

Example of criticism: I’m not very happy about “insert item”

Example of constructive criticism: I’m not very happy about “insert item”, maybe you could resolve it by “insert solution/suggestion”

Example of whining: They ruined the game. too many hacks/cheats blahblahblah “insert rageface”

There’s a huge difference between the three.

Some people paid as much as 100$ for this game during the Dutch auction days, they can complain all they want

It is annoying, but also understandable. Given the huge popularity of the game already it’s inevitable that a lot of the people buying it have never bought a pre-release before and are used to buying the finished product.

ALPHA. …Adolescents Learning Positive Health Alternatives…duh

They paid $100 because they were too impatient for the price to drop/stabilize at a lower point and for demand to cool off. Their ability to spend $100 instead of waiting does not give them extra rights to complain that someone who waited until you could buy keys in the auction for $10 or under, like me.

Nobody is forcing anyone to buy or play Rust. Constructive criticism is useful for the devs.

Bitching about an unfinished game being unfinished is unproductive and whiny.

I fail to see why.

Imagine, you have seen a house, it’s hardly finished but yet you bought it for the full price (or even more) with the expectation that the house will be finished some day. Now of course you want to make use of the unfinished house.

Then the complaining starts:

  • The roof isn’t watertight yet or not enough.
  • The boiler (or similar) doesn’t produce enough heat or most of the heat is lost due to the pipes being poorly isolated.

You knew from the beginning that the full potential hadn’t been realized yet and still you complain about shortcomings?

The answer is simple:
Either: don’t complain.
Or: Criticise and make sure the largest flaws get fixed first.

Why must I believe the full potential will be realized though?

Look at Minecraft. It still has most of the issues it did in 2010, yet it’s supposedly “released” now. What makes you think the same won’t happen to Rust?

I haven’t bought Rust yet, but if I did, you bet your ass I would complain. A lot.

no they cant simple as, people who paid $100 for it were the type of people who wanted the game and didnt read much about it then complain because they felt like they wasted $100 because the game wasnt finished which is their fault

If a thread is inappropriate, facepunch is pretty good about locking the thread and banning the poster.

If the complaint is reasonable, in that it follows the forum rules, i dont see why anyone would give a crap if it was posted to the boards. If you don’t like the complaint, simply move on to the next thread.

Explain what those issues are, please, because not all game issues are of the same worth, type, and heinousness.

And Minecraft was and continues to be built in Java, which doesn’t help it at all in that respect.

If you want a game to be alpha, you need to find users online who meet your criteria, have them sign an NDA - and work closely with them to find issues in the game/suggestions

That’s a true alpha

This is just a release candidate - sure you can say it’s no where near release candidate but that’s basically what it is - I’d say 1% or less of the population is actually doing any form of testing and everyone else is just playing – (this isn’t really good for development, but they’re making money so they couldn’t care less to an extent if things began to flop)

Remind me again who you are to decide this?