Is it just me or does this game lag alot

So about 20 mins ago I brought Rust, tried to play it on IE but it always crashed. I decided to download Google Chrome to see if it fixed the problem, it worked all the way until I got in game. The lag was unbearable, so I’m asking here what would be causing the lag so I can composite for it. I’m sorry if this has already been posted somewhere but I can’t seem to find any solutions, but I do have several theories of my own.

  1. Too many players logging on at once.
  2. Too many objects on server at once.
  3. Chrome is powerful enough to run it.
  4. My internet isn’t fast enough (even though I can play video in 1080P on YouTube without delay).
  5. My PC specs aren’t high enough.

My PC specs:

P.S. Not sure if living in Australia has anything to do with it?
If you have any suggestions please tell me, thank you! :slight_smile:

integrated graphics cards do not work well with rust

There was 302 player who played… Before this (about a week ago) the game still lagged.

What makes you certain it’s the integrated graphics cards and not anything else?
Also will this mean I need a new PC or can you upgrade you PC to have the motherboard and graphics card separate?

Define ‘Lag’
Do you mean connection lag and the server not being responsive? Or do you mean clientside framerate lag i.e. choppy

Because people with integrated graphics usually have issues.

The second one, appears to be skipping a lot of frames, making very hard to control anything.
Sorry if doesn’t answers your question, but best described is my screen keeps jumping everywhere

i like how helk is more active now :dance:

Your rig is at least 2 years old right? “Judging by your last driver update”

it’s a laptop

Perhaps not the best term for a laptop, but yes I was referring to his laptop.

Helk has always been active. Most video games have issues with Intel onboard graphics, especially Rust.

Yes I’m using a 2 year old laptop but I’m still able to play most CPU demanding games without any trouble.
Strange that this is an exception… Just gonna to check my CPU with this game

Well my diagnosis( as many others have stated) is your graphics card is the limiting factor of your system.

Does this picture help at all?

Average physical memory is normally about 30%


Might be more helpful if you clicked the performance tab… Why am I humoring this. Two year old laptop integrated graphics cards to not stand the tests of time.

how does no one understand that it’s alpha so no shit it’ll lag

Just seems strange that my PC is the problems, even when I used IE it won’t load but when I used Chrome it launched the game?
I guess your right, thanks for your help, I guess I can always try again later :slight_smile:

We told you, it’s your graphics card.