Is it just me or has the maximum Gmod velocity dropped significantly??

Ok, I feel like I’m going crazy but has anyone else noticed that the velocity limit has dropped down to what it used to be??

I’ve tested (with Grumpy Jetpack v2) on multiple servers, the max speed in kph instead of being around 280 is 150… Also gcombat rounds that use physicals ents are slow again.

The servers all had default tick rate and I put as much force as I could on the jetpack (increased the boost multiplier 100 fold) and still no change!

p.s I’ve been off gmod for a while but friends (Karbine, KickassKyle etc) tell me it hasn’t changed.

Forgive me if I’ve missed something big here :-/

Sorry for bumping this, but I’d like the answer to this as well. I’ve been wondering the exact same thing recently, and I haven’t found an adequate answer yet. >.<

It feels like there’s a barrier more than a speed cap.

I just tested it. I managed to get an object up to 684 KPH (according to the wire speedometer, at least), so I’m not sure why you can’t get them to go that fast. That’s more than twice what I thought it was, so I’m seeing the exact opposite of what you are.

How in the hell? :open_mouth: I can barely get my plane to 135 KPH. Only on servers with no speed limit can I get objects to 650 KPH… What technique did you use?

I just put prop on a slider, then put thrusters set to really high settings on it, with some wire gates set up to store the highest speed it got to.

Did you try it on several servers or just one?