Is it just me or is TNB

Is it just my internet or is Taco And Banana horribly messed up? I just went on a server, and right after that, I was perma-banned. It was very laggy, and I tried to talk before I got banned. It wasn’t working at all. The only weapons I had were phys-gun and Grav-gun. So, does anyobne agree, or is it just my internet?

Are you on TRP, because I’ve also been getting constant crashes on that. Not been on HL2 since C8 came out so wouldn’t know bout that. Try other servers, if they work, then it’s TnB

I belive it is a server hack. The Administration will deal with the problom and you should ask for a server unban at their website.

Taco and Banana is really messed up. Its because of bad administration, and over 40 people, and even the server. The server they use is like really bad.

64 slot servers do tend to lag, you know?

Yeah, I made one that lasted about 4 minutes.

You " Made " Key word there.

They are hosted on a dedicated server. They usually do not lag. Its Stan and Trevor at it once again.

Recently someone has made two copies of server 1 with the exact same server name, player count and maps. Are you sure if it was one of those server you were banned from?

The map was city8, so I think it was the real one.

The only way to make sure youre on the right server is to favourite the ip from the website.