Is it legal to bug your way up into a house

with boxes that u place on walls?

Give me your address I want to send the police

:smiley: @garry

Well, I’m very new to the game but I’ve found a quite nice building with an open roof. Someone made a staircase to enter the house from top, as it was seeming. The metal doors the original owner had, meant nothing therefore.

What I’ve done? I’m jumped to the house as well, and then covered everywhere with wood barricades and doors, claiming the building for me.
I do hope the original owner will not return and takeover :slight_smile:

so no?

Not sure if ts is serious or not, ofc this is allowed.
He is just being smart. I could do that irl, if i wanted to.

Next time that happens see if the guys allergic to bullets.

Pew pew.