Is it me or has furnace made it harder for new spawns

I just played on the EU server since the update and now the Campfire, Workbench and Furnace work. I manage to make a base twice but ended up dying both times but on the second time I had enough wood to make a hatchet in order to defend myself against bears and wolfs but I need 10 metal fragments which can only be cooked in a furnace (i assume so cause it would not let me cook it in a campfire) which requires 10 wood, 10 stones and 10 low grade fuel.

Ignoring the wood and stone the low grade fuel need 2 animal fat and 1 cloth, which means I need to kill at least two animals to get enough fuel for a furnace and to kill an animal with a rock is a pain to do and make you a more vulnerable then when you normally gathering stuff because you have to chase the animal and of course with my luck there has always being a wolf or bear near by and in order to deal with them I need a hatchet.

It seems to me to be a lot of effort in order to get a tool which is the first item you should be able to get in the game.

In the next update you’ll be able to make a stone hatchet with wood and stone. It won’t be as good as the metal hatchet, but it’ll be much better than the starting rock as well as much easier to craft.

Max was streaming few hours ago and showed us this :slight_smile:

The stone hatchet looked awesome too!

thank you it will make it easier for noobies like me, any idea on how much stone and wood you need.

Just played it again and got depressed thats it only 3 animal fat per deer/pigs but after knowing that there will be stone hatchet makes it more fairer and reasonable

This was the exact “intermediate” tool that was needed.