Is it me, or has RP taken over?

I remember back in the day there were so many build servers. Now build servers seem really rare, and if you do find one they only have maybe 6 or 7 players in them. All I see now are RP servers. Dozens of them. It’s annoying IMO.

When I look at these RP servers, they are massive, some range upward of 60 player servers with all slots filled. It’s ridiculous.

What is going on?
Also, where are all the Spacebuild servers? I miss Spacebuild. It was epic as hell to make a gigantic space base with all these wire contraptions keeping the thing fully operational. I haven’t even seen one Spacebuild server anymore.

Yeah, its pretty crazy. Most of the servers are the same too, so its like, “Do we really need another DarkRP on RP_Downtown_v2 with 12 year old admins?”

Nobody is creative and all the creative ideas are drowned out by shitty ones because 75% of the playerbase is afraid of change and under 14 years old

Exactly. Every server is the same damn thing. You even have those few jerk-offs in every server that go around killing people. And the ironic thing is I see a lot of people here on these forums bashing RP. If it’s so damn bad, why is it still played?

Yah. I just play hl2rp. Ether rebel. Or Sign up for cp. It will keep u busy for a couple months

Because 11 year old retards buy a shitty server and put DarkShit on Downshit.

No other maps, no other fucking gamemodes. The same fucking shit.

ITs not even roleplay. Its not build either. Its deathmatch. In fact, the bulk of the mature people I’ve seen are on sandbox.

Its downright depressing how many RP servers there are. Why pretend to live when you have a perfectally good real life. (it has better graphics doesnt it?) This is why I joined and stuck to a not only build server, but an anti roleplay server. Keep looking. You will find build servers, tho rare, full of mature engineer-type people with the e2 editor symbol over their heads, or the Percision alignment window on their screen.

I am planning to play SRP whenever taco and banana releases it.

sigh Same here. It’s a good thing I have a friend with a build server. What’s also cool is he’s starting another server on Dogfight :3

I have never played RP but I probably never will (the RP servers have a terrible reputation). I just stick to a build server and it will stay that way. - SAS Spacewar - SAS Minning

Are there any good build servers out there?



adding onto that it’s a bunch of 11 year olds “roleplaying” (it’s nothing of the sort at all) because they are boring, avoidant omegas.

DarkRP has taken over. Its all horrible boring DM. Its getting harder and harder to find any type of good populated RP servers these days.

Sandbox is still alive and well, at least with the people I play with (GME).

Just look through the server list, you’ll find something.

I miss Prop Hunt

Arghh, online RP servers Sux.

You like to RP in single player?

No, but LAN with my friends is fun.


Its pretty much try-to-steal-from-each-others-with-wiree-contraptions

im trying to make a SB server but im having problems. any help would be loved :slight_smile:

yeh i hate darkrp now, its not very cretive i guess. all u do (or atleast what i do when i played darkrp) make a house, pick a job, survive all the annoying kids killing for no reason. I like stranded rp better because theres no rdm. i rember playing on a stranded server owned by bummie (bummiestudios) and it was awesome. no rdm is was like sandbox. in a way