Is it me or the Official Servers are down?

Just wondering if it is my net connection or the official servers are actually down for the experimental version.

What’s the problem that you’re having? Can you not connect, or are no servers showing up?

There is no experimental anymore. Just rust, legacy and the Dev Branch. Well technically there is an experimental but thats just the dev branch called experimental. In your steam console opt out of the beta. It will up date and you will see the official servers again…

This was in the Friday DevBlog

None of the servers are showing up.

P.S I opted for the beta program in Dev.

There are no official servers for the Dev/experimental build. If you opt out of the beta the official servers will show back up.

Oh, that clears it up. But then 2 hours ago there was a twitter update about Removing the name of players killed from players sleeping, which would potentially fix the sleeping bag bug. That means it hasn’t rolled out on the Non-Dev version yet?

Correct. Until Rust updates via steam it wont be fixed, unless its a server side fix only

Thanks for the info!

“Default” experimental will get updated to the dev version a few times a week. Dev/experimental is live updates as they happen on @RustUpdates, and the server needs to be kept up to date with these patches (10-30 a day).

The purpose of having it update once a week is so that players who may not be ready for a billion updates won’t have experimental changing underneath them constantly, but people who want to get the updates as they fly in can (if they’re able to run a matching server).

For those on the test branch. One tip I found is wait until its later in the night in the UK, as most of the devs will have stopped posting updates. That gives you about a 6 hour playthrough on those servers without them restarting.