Is it normal for util.AddNetworkString to take so long?

When I pool a string with util.AddNetworkString, it takes at least 10 seconds of waiting before the string is recognised as pooled. If I try sending a net message with that string any sooner, it throws me up this error:

Is this normal?

AddNetworkString uses string tables which is a thing in the source engine that gets synced when you connect to the server and uses net messages internally (obviously), so unless you’re spamming the client on join with net messages, I don’t see why it would take that long.

Not spamming them at all, this is my code:


net.Start( "myMessage" )


util.AddNetworkString( "myMessage" )
net.Receive( "MyMessage", function( len, ply )
	 print( "I got it!" )
end )

I run the server code, then client. I have to wait 10 or so seconds until the error stops.

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OK I think I solved it, I was opening both my scripts in console (Server and Client), with lua_openscript,
however I was opening them in console one after the other without closing console.

The problem is fixed if I open my Server script, close the console, open the console, and open my Client script. Not sure why this is.