Is it okay to have tons of func_illusionary and func_detail?

Yeah, it’s exactly what it looks like. I’m modeling Pokemon Fire Red…

Now, everything’s been going okay. I will probably make models for the trees and weeds but I was wondering if it was okay to just use func_illusionary and func_detail

The weeds are func_illusionary - so that your player doesnt clip on them, and the trees func_detail…

Also tell me what you think please…

(P.S. The ground texture currently has the buildings/fences/weeds etc - I removed all of them for the real texture)

I think it’s okay to use func_illusionary on the trees and weeds, not sure. If you want to you can use propper to turn them in to models easily. Also, the idea is great. I had Green, but I’m pretty sure they’re in the same island or something like that

You possibly will eat up your ent data using those as func_illusionary. Perhaps try using models.

Thanks, and yeah - I definitely will use propper if the model doesn’t need to be complex.

Can a model be made non-solid?

Yes set collisions to off. Or don’t make a collision model.

Wow that is a lot of white on that photo. Learn to crop.

The map does seem to be coming along nicely though.

Yeah, Idk what happened there - thanks.

Or take all of them and make them one single func_illusionary.

Why not put all of the trees into a 3D Skybox?

having shitload of func_details will eventually end up on reaching the t-junction limit.

I guess, that its… Propper time. :v:

yea, it’s ok to have a bunch of func_details, but beware of this