Is it pirating?

If i copy my game files and paste them into my other account’s folder is it considered illegal?

Technically yes.

Yes, it’s absolutely legal


I’ll do it right away

If you install game X on account Y, and you got account Z on the same pc, game X appears preloaded if Z doesn’t own it, but appears installed when account Z does own it. Basically no need to copy the gcf’s over.

You can copy and paste whatever you want to wherever you want on your own harddrive, this is completely legal. But you won’t fool steam by just copying the files over.

I dunno, this is very debatable.

As long as nobody is using the other account I can’t see how it would be illegal.

You do own game X on account X. You’re bypassing a few policies to use game X in game Y on account Y. But I don’t see any reason that would actually be illegal.

You can’t even launch the game, afaik. But that’s already said here…

Of course it’s legal, just as copying DVD’s in Norway, it’s legal as long as you keep both the original and the copied.

But why would you do that? Unless you use cracked steam, you can’t run it.

That’s like saying it’s illegal to copy your steamapps folder to another computer. If the account doesn’t own the game it doesn’t launch.

yes, its super illegal