Is it possible banning an player using UniqueID?

Whenever I type:
banid < minutes > < userid | uniqueid > { kick }
in console it shows userid and uniqueid being a possible way of banning.
But when I try typing [lua]banid 60 My own UniqueID here[/lua] then
it says: banid: couldn’t find userid My own UniqueID here

Anyone knows if possible?

It should be possible, since it is a “unique” id, I would recommend making your own way of banning.

Well yeah, I will when I learn that part.

GMod’s uniqueid isn’t what it means.

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It means steamid.

Oh, thanks for the answer.

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Well, how would I then ban him trough the SteamID with banid or banid2?

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Like, it doesn’t let me do: banid 30 STEAM_0:1:123456 (Mine instead of that)

banid 30 STEAM_0:1:123456 kick

You put “kick” on the end so it kicks the player after banning.

Try enclosing the ID in quotes.

Thanks both. I will say if it works.

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Well, infact both parts worked! Thanks.

Banid <time> <steamid> </kick/> the kick is if the player is in the server it will kick them out then display the ban message upon rejoin, without kick the player will stay on the server and next time they join it will display the banned message.